Driving in California is MANIACAL

February 6, 2008 at 9:11 am (Bored, Melodie)

Okay, so I don’t think today was my day for driving. It seems that the whole freeway was against me this morning. I wasn’t going particularly fast, I was not in a hurry… I just wanted to listen to some music and not have to hear about the Super Tuesday results. I get that it’s a big deal, I understand that – but I don’t need to hear it on my morning drive. I prefer to get the results quietly… from a website.

I couldn’t merge today because some asshat behind me thought it was better to cut me off and almost force me into the ditch. Then I couldn’t pass said asshat because he kept up with me at JUST the right speed which trapped me behind a big rig (I totally love that by the way). I finally made it past that asshat only to be trapped behind another commuter. I often wonder where these people are going. Freeway travel in the morning, in California, is very fast. The average speed is about 80 miles per hour. I do not go past 80, I merely try to keep up with the flow of traffic.  This woman was puddering along at around 55. In the fast lane. Meanwhile, cars are whipping past us… and she’s toddering along. I finally make it past her… only to be caught up again. 

Then! I had an epiphany! The universe had to be involved in this! The universe was trying to tell me to slow down! Lucky for me… I heard this and slowed down. I love the universe. It’s so smart.

I have recently started some medications that have caused me to lose my anger. While the driving annoys me, it does not anger me the way it used to. In the past, my kids would have heard me call someone an idiot (in the car only) about 10 times per car trip. The new meds… well, they’ve cut the name calling out completely. In fact, I am now seeing things from a different perspective. I think to myself “man, they have some place to be RIGHT NOW” or “I wonder if she’s daydreaming.” It’s a completely different ball game now.

I still think driving in California is maniacal. There is no doubt about it – speed causes a lot of accidents. I’m just not that angry about driving anymore. It’s time for me to slow down and smell the … the…  uh… wild flowers I guess. Nothing much exists on the side of the road that I’d like to smell besides the wild flowers. The side of the road is a dirty and disgusting place.


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  1. Bev said,

    Uh, maybe I need some of those meds….

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