Unfinished projects

February 6, 2008 at 9:40 am (Blog 365, Bored, Melodie)

I have unfinished projects all over the house. Tons of things ranging from sewing projects to painting the kitchen. I used to be obsessed with finishing the projects or encouraging Michael to finish his projects. I would start new projects before I had finished the old projects. I let these unfinished projects stop me from living my life, from doing activities outside of the house, from enjoying my family.

I used to think I had a problem with completing things. I thought that something was wrong with me. Until I started reading some blogs. It appears that I am not the only person afflicted with “Unfinished project syndrome.”(please say that in your best monster truck commercial announcer voice – unfinished project syndrome! syndrome!! syndrome!!!) I especially love craft blogs, I love seeing what other people are working on and creating! Oh the creativity! It’s mind-blowing to see what people can do with a bottle cap, a twist tie, paper and some glue.

Prior to the internet, these crafty people would join craft guilds or groups that interested them and share their ideas that way. Maybe a book was created by several people and published in very small numbers. And maybe, just maybe – it would see a few thousand copies. With the internet came worldwide exposure… people are really advancing their craft activities and crafting business. We are still joining crafty type groups (don’t get me wrong – we crafty people NEED each other), we are still meeting with others face to face. However, if I want to buy an apron pattern… I can search online and purchase the pattern without ever leaving my home! It’s awesome! I can also search how to do a particular knit stitch or get help knitting socks (in the middle of the night in my pjammies). 

These days, the unfinished projects are just that… unfinished. I don’t let them stress me out anymore, I have also looked at the project and asked myself “Am I really going to finish it?” If the answer is no, then pieces are salvaged, yarn is frogged, or the entire piece is thrown out. The clutter in my house and my sanity are much more important than saving projects that I might complete later on.

Speaking of my sanity… I am very slowly regaining my old self. The old self that I love so much. The girl who is funny, who enjoys people, who is smiling and making jokes. I’m sure tons of you remember who that girl is! I now have more direction in my life, I have set goals for myself, and I am enjoying this road that I am on. YIPPEE!!


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  1. Christina said,

    The last paragraph of this post is priceless! Congrats on feeling more like yourself these days. I dont know the old you but I can relate to sort of loosing your own ideas as you go about day to day happenings.. sort of forgetting what or how to do things just for yourself.
    Keep up the good and hard work!

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