February 14, 2008 at 10:09 am (Blog 365, Melodie)

So I have a very big job interview today. I have not slept all week, because I have been going over things in my mind…. I am completely restless. I am so anxious because I want this job very very much. It would mean more money (yay) and a short commute (3 blocks). It is also perfect for me. Completely perfect.

I have been slightly stressing about it and it shows! This morning I woke up with a pimple (Brody calls them nipples) on the end of my nose! I’m sure I was sent this pimple in case the power goes out and I need to guide people out of the facility. Cindy says the people I’m interviewing with aren’t going to care about the pimple… but it’s right there…. on the very tip of my nose. And it’s bright red.

I spent extra time getting ready this morning. I even put hairspray on my hair!!  All for naught. I arrived to work, got out of the car and was greeted with gale force winds. By the time I got into the building, my hair do looked more like a hair don’t. I did bring hairspray and a brush with me – so I’m hoping to make myself slightly presentable to my interviewers.

I’m not really worried… I’m just anxious I think. I would love to have this job, in fact it is a job that I have long coveted. It’s close to home (i could go home for lunch!) and I would be busy. All day every day. Everyone knows I love to be busy.

Let’s talk about busy. I decided that I didn’t have enough on my plate so I started doing the family tree for my boys. I’m not going to get crazy… Just great-grandparents for right now. My side is easy… the information is still available because I have living grandparents. Michael’s side might be tough. We’ll see what happens.



  1. Bev said,

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you! I’m sure you’ll do great, you’re very friendly and smart and stuff.

    Whatever you do, do not subscribe to ancestry.com. It became an obsession for me…on the other hand, I found some 3rd cousins we had lost track of….

  2. Christina said,

    UGH- I am SO sorry I am a week late in reading this. I hope it went well and they loved you. Please let us know how it went.

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