February 14, 2008 at 10:15 am (Uncategorized)

The boys are having Valentine parties at school today. Brody had to bring the sandwiches and Evan had to bring the chips. Actually, daddy had to bring the sandwiches and chips. 🙂 Daddy makes a really good sandwich – the boys never complain. I make better sandwiches… but making them in the morning isn’t feasible for me. I have hair and makeup for goodness sakes!

I made the cards for the boys last night. I kept it simple… made sure that they were clearly marked. I figured there was no need to buy Valentine Cards… we have tons of paper at my house, an excellent printer and a very crafty mommy. This helps us use the resources we currently have in our house… rather than buying more crap.

I did a two sided 4 x 6 postcard. One side was a heart background with “Happy Valentine’s Day” on it, the back side told the person who the card came from. I printed them on letter sized paper and cut the cards out. It was very simple and pain free. The boys were very happy with the results, especially their “signed” names in rainbow word art!  ooooohhhhh

Brody put them into envelopes today and he was in charge of giving the teachers their cards. We love their teachers. I had such good intentions to make them a quilted heart that they could display on their desks… I even bought the material. However, my motivation went on vacation last week and it hasn’t come back. I hope it gets sunburned!

We are headed to the snow again this weekend. I need to get all of my assignments completed before we go so that I can knit the whole weekend!! I can’t wait for school to end… I’d like to spend a lunch break actually eating lunch.


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