Job situation

February 28, 2008 at 8:08 pm (Melodie, Work)

I was passed over for the job that is three blocks away from my house. She said something like “we are going to continue looking for someone who fits in with the office.” I was surprised at that because I had previously worked in that office for 1.5 years. Hmm.. Curious. Regardless, I am moving on to bigger and better things! I have been doing a bit of research on all the things I am entitled to once I switch jobs! When can I start! Yee-haw!

I called the recruiter because I wanted to know who I could call to arrange for my stuff to get moved over. She seriously said to me “what stuff? are you talking about personal stuff because you’ll have to move that stuff yourself.” Obviously she hasn’t been working for us for very long. I was going to tell her that our Materiels department will ship things for us… but I figured it would be better if she found out herself. She said that I was the first person to ever ask her about this. Really. The first. hmmm..

Moves happen all the time at my place of employment. Regardless of the stuff that I have in my desk… it’s mine and I’m taking it with me. She asked me “why would you want to bring files over?” Um… maybe because they are mine? They help me do my job better – they have my performance evaluations and restaurant menus. Gawd! I guess she’s only been with the company for 3 months – hence her complete surprise at a simple question. Let’s start an office pool on her length of employment. Anyone? It’s 10 bucks a square.



  1. morethananelectrician said,

    Maybe other people move their own performance evaluations and menus.

  2. siren5 said,

    You are right. I should have stated that my new job is with the same company but in another city and I’ll be taking public transportation to get there. She was so appalled that I’d want some help getting my crap from one place to another. Appalled that I might want to bring some pictures of my kids to put on my desk.

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