March 14, 2008 at 11:54 am (Uncategorized)

This week has been intense for the whole family. The boys always get so messed up with the time change. I went to bed at 8:30 on Tuesday! Something has shifted in the universe because my children are going to bed without crying, whining, or asking for 8,215,216,216,887 glasses of water. I cannot tell you how pleasurable this has been for Michael and I.

Sunday night was filled with excitement and giddiness as I prepared for my first day at a new job (I remember looking at the clock at 11:40 pm and then again every hour on the hour). Monday night, I was hopped up from the excitement of the day and could barely keep my eyes closed. Tuesday was an all day meeting – when I got home that night I was exhausted. Evan and I slept from the moment our heads touched the pillow. I didn’t even wake up when Michael moved Evan to his own bed.

The kitties are adjusting very well. They are now part of the family. Sophia no longer runs away when we walk towards her. She is the type of cat that needs a lot of attention and affection. I find myself having to carry her – so that I can pet her – so that she’ll stop being a brat and will let others pet her. She is very particular. Bristol is my love bug. He’s always got his motor running. “oh hi” purr purr purr “just getting home?” purr purr purr “i’ve been sleeping all day” purr purr purr He loves his belly being rubbed and will put his paws up on me when he wants me to pick him up. He’s just like a baby.

Our one fish is still hanging on. Michael and I were playing Super Mario Brothers a few nights ago and I asked him if the fish was dead. The conversation went like this… I’m S – he’s M

S: So, is the fish dead? I can’t see him swimming around
M: No, he’s still alive – I just fed him.
S: hmm
M: I can flush him if you’d like
S: NO!!  That is an awful way to die! No one should have to ingest all that sewage water!
M: He’ll be dead before then – it won’t hurt
S: No! We’ll just wait for him to die – at least he gets clean (ish) water. Besides, I’ve become very attached to that fish!
S: What’s his name again?

We laughed and laughed and laughed. The deal with the fish is that Brody named them. The first name Brody chose was “eat” – we added another fish and he changed the names to “brody” and “riley.” Then one of them died.. Riley I think – so we got another fish. He was named riley too. Then one of them died again and we are down to one. I just don’t remember which fish died.

My whole point is Bristol loves to watch the fish swim in his little bowl. LOVES it more than life itself. He’ll sit on the arm of the love seat and watch him swim, then I’ll notice Bristol will slowly rise up on his hind legs… still concentrating on the fish. He’ll raise his front paws in front of him and start to swat at the fish (keep in mind the fish is still safe on the mantel in his bowl – about 2 feet from Bristol). When we first got the cats, the fish was on a shelf in our dining room. I came home one day to find almost all of the water out of the dish – which is when we moved the fish to the mantel. For a solid week, Bristol would jump up on the granite and look at the spot the fish used to be – he had no clue where the fish had run off to.  It was hilarious to see him find the fish!!

Michael built the cats a climbing tree. Michael calls it the “cat extravaganza” and insists it needs to touch the ceiling. At first, i was sceptical of michael’s cat extravaganza building skills – but he proved me wrong. It looks great! The cats love it and use it – which is all that matters anyway. Between the fish and the extravaganza – the cats have provided a great deal of entertainment for us.


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  1. Bev said,

    Hell yeah, Super Mario Brothers….

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