Oh BLOG how I’ve missed you!

March 19, 2008 at 12:49 pm (Work)

Since starting my new position, my blog reading has really lacked. I am way behind schedule and have no clue what my internet “friends” are doing! I miss writing in my blog and I miss reading other blogs.  Wah!

I am busy! My new job has me hopping and I am loving it! Tons of people have asked me what exactly I am doing and the truth is… I don’t know. In fact, one of my objectives for 2008 is to create my job description. This always happens to me. I take a position, it is a new position (just created!) and I need to develop the job duties. I can’t seem to get myself into a job with a pre-defined job description.

My director and I sat down today to draft up some goals and objectives for 2008. These objectives have MEAT people! Not one of the objectives relates to calendaring or learning how to order food for meetings. The objectives contain BIG WORDS! Words I might have to look up in a dictionary! The objectives contain 2 professional development plans! What a grown up job I have!

The possibilities are endless!


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