Conference Call Hell

March 20, 2008 at 10:32 am (Work)

When a person first starts at KP, the first two weeks consist of intensive training and conference calls. I have worked here for about 3 years, but I have recently switched regions and am required to go through these training calls. It is an insane practice but I guess brushing up on knowledge is never a bad thing.

Fortunately, these training sessions take place via conference calls – both online and through the phone. I have a wireless headset – so listening in on the conference calls allows me to “multi-task.” My new job is busier than previous jobs in the past – so this works well.

What I do find annoying is people who do not follow the ground rules for these meetings. We are asked to mute our phones – it’s not a difficult request. It is merely a matter of pressing a few buttons on the phone. This morning is the 2nd day of a two day training and I got to hear some dude drop his phone on his desk, a cough, talking and chewing. The first thing I do is mute my phone, but then I will have these small anxiety attacks throughout the phone call. Because this particular call is 3 hours long I usually have to use the restroom 3 – 4 times (maybe more). I have internal conversations with myself “Did I mute my headset?” “Can everyone hear me pee?” I will run through these internal conversations every single time I leave my desk.

I was just in the bathroom and was giggling uncontrollably as I had an internal conversation with myself. I pictured the moderator saying “someone didn’t mute their phone” “Can I hear water running?” “Is someone going pee?” Thoughts of this conversation cause me to giggle, which causes the other occupants of the restroom to wonder what is so funny! In thinking this, I start giggling more! Of course, I’m still hoping my headset is on mute!

I am done with the training though… bah


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