Snot and Japanese gods

April 21, 2008 at 9:08 pm (Uncategorized)

Evan and I have the snottiest noses in the history of noses. Day and night we are cleaning noses – with kleenex and baby wipes. Our noses are raw, the color of tomatoes and as tender as an open wound. As gross as it sounds, and seems, we are literally covered in snot.

While watching the Antiques Road Show (I’m a big fan) I learned of the Japanese Seven Gods of Fortune. Wiki has a great description. While searching through the links, I came across this link and discovered that I, too, could have my very own seven gods of fortune cell phone strap with power stone! This is the god that I want to focus on… Fukuru… Fukuroj..  Fukurokujyu – the god of happiness. These gods are the slapstick comedians of gods. You’ll see them in funny poses and situations. In fact, having a whole line of Japanese cell phone paraphernalia should be proof enough of the hilarity of these gods. It’s amazing this internet…


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  1. Bev said,

    Try cherry chapstick on your nose. It really helps – I have the same problem when my allergies go bonko.

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