Coughing and hacking like a diesel car from the 70’s

April 23, 2008 at 12:00 pm (Uncategorized)

Oh yes… I am such an attractive broad right now! I am full of mucous and have developed this horrible hacking cough. Between the hacking and the “husky” voice I happened to mention to my cubicle partner that I felt like I sounded like an old cougar hanging out in a bar. Drinking back mickey’s of whiskey and smoking cigars.  Her comment was “leave me alone, I’m in the bar!!!!!”  Which I found utterly and completely hilarious.

Then I stopped, and realized that I have relatives who fit this bill EXACTLY!


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  1. Christina said,

    I hope yoy are feeling better soon!

    Gosh your leave me alone comment reminded me that my sister once asked me…
    “You know when you go to a new Dr and you have to fill out all of those forms, well when you get to the question- does anyone in your family suffer from mental illness, do you mark Yes, or No?” HAHAH! I craked up- because I had never realized until that moment that the Yes box should be checked. granted its more along the lines of your Mom must be ‘tarded…. crap- here I go looking like an ass again- its funny to me– never mind. Heh.
    Get well soon.

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