April 23, 2008 at 11:03 am (Dreams, Melodie)

I am having some weird dreams lately. A lot of them have to do with my family and I hiding fugitives from the law. Last night, i dreamt (sp? tense?) that we were hiding this persian guy from Canada in our house while the police searched throughout the neighborhood. I am talking “search” with a capital S! Planes flying overhead with those big lights, everyone had radios, dogs sniffing, barbed wire (not sure why they had barbed wire). Also, had no clue what this guy did – but I believed his story and let him hide in the house. Even suggested he slip into this secret cupboard we had behind our closet while the police searched the house.

After searching our house, they searched the neighbors houses etc. Then, once the entire team left – I helped the fugitive slip out the back door and gave him directions! This is not the first time I’ve had a dream like this. In fact, these dreams have become quite frequent for me. I usually have recurring dreams, i also dream in color. I generally remember my dreams and am able to “pick up where I left off.” So, if I wake up – once I go back to sleep I usually go right back into my dream.

I’m not sure if anyone would have some insight as to why I am dreaming about harboring fugitives in my house (with my children!) – but if you have some insight… I would love to hear it! In my dream, apparently this was common (my hiding people) because Michael came home and wasn’t even mad that a strange person was in our house. Strange.  He’s far too conservative for that!


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