The car… dun dun dunnnnnn

May 2, 2008 at 6:36 pm (Uncategorized)

I have been told the repairs on the car will be around 8 grand. I guess the driver side door needs to be replaced along with the front quarter panel. At that point, the estimator wasn’t even finished looking at the car. I was mortified (to say the least). But not as mortified as when I picked up the rental car.

Michael was very funny on the way home. As some of you might know – he’s written off two cars in the past few years. I told him the “estimator” or “property damage specialist” was approving the repairs today Michael piped up (as if he was me – talking to buddy) “so, tell me what is the process now? Because we usually total vehicles completely – we aren’t really sure of the process of fixing and returning the car back to it’s owner.” (while he was making those little quote signs with his fingers). Hmmm you might have had to be there.

So I went to get the rental car today because Michael wants to go shooting tomorrow and I need to go to the fabric store (he shudders when he hears those words out of my mouth). I can’t walk there – so we got the car. I specifically told the rental car dude that I needed a full size vehicle because I have two children in car seats – we cannot be in a tin can with 3 chipmunks (Alvin, Theordore and Simon) running the engine. He assured me that I would be getting a full size car. Low and behold… I’m driving a Ford Focus.

I’m not even a man, but if I had a manhood – this car would challenge my manhood. Michael said he could feel his balls shrivel as I drove up. (I’m usually not this vulgar!). I could barely look other people in the eye – lest I recognize someone! I went to get a chicken taco salad (no beans please) and could NOT even turn around in the parking lot. The axle or something on this car would not let me make a quick turn. You know the turn… the “oh i’m in the wrong spot I gotta turn around” turn. I had to do a 3-point turn in a friggen parking lot! Of course, I’m slowly backing out (if I could hear anything, I bet this car has back up beeps) and in zips this beautiful little TT. I waited… like a little old lady for this car to zip by me. The focus does not even have automatic steering!

I’m usually not this vain, but the ford focus can do this to anyone! This was the “good” car in the lot. My other options where a Kia or a Hyundai. I’m going to leave that right there.

Anyway, I cannot wait until I get my precious beauty back from the shop. I told Michael I would like a little opalescence diamond coat on top. Maybe a little airbrushing on the hood…


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  1. Bev said,

    Glad you’re starting to feel better!

    And ha, yeah, I totally feel you on the rental car – there are never any decent options! Last weekend, in Oregon, I was given a Pontiac Vibe. Yes, that’s right, I got to drive around a car that shares its name with a sex toy.

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