Update on the ear ache yo

May 2, 2008 at 6:11 pm (Bored, Melodie, SNOT)

Alright – the ear ache is still here. My ear does not ache as much as it did at the beginning of the week – but I definitely know my ear is achy. It is still congested and I can not hear out of it at all. Which isn’t all that bad. I sleep on my right side (my left ear is infected) – so when I put my head on that pillow, I can’t hear a darn thing! I’ve never had a better week of sleep!

I went in to work today, not wanting to work from home (am I crazy?). Work was okay, the commute (on a train that goes underground through tunnels) was insane! At one point, I could not hear out of either ear. I was yawning all day today – not sure why that was because I had an amazing sleep last night. I didn’t want to yawn too hard because I was afraid of the consequences for my ear – but then I was left feeling unsatisfied by my yawn and would continue to yawn more! It was a double edged sword!

Hopefully, one of these days I’ll get the hearing back in my ear. Until then, I will continue to sleep blissfully unaware of the children going potty, the cats terrorizing the house, the school alarm going off (across the street), the loud bassed cars driving by at 4:45 am, and finally… the garbage man! It was bliss waking up on Thursday morning NOT having heard the garbage man do a three point turn on our corner (with backing up alarms). Melodie 1 – Garbage man – 0.


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