The week…

May 9, 2008 at 11:51 am (Uncategorized)

This past week was insane around my house. We (that’s the proverbial we) helped our niece with her children – I did so much laundry!  Laundry is my nemesis and I despise it with the passion of a thousand burning suns. But, it’s what she needed help with – so that’s what I did.

We have big plans for the weekend.  Tonight – the boys are spending the night over at the hippies house and Michael is taking me to a Giants baseball game. Tomorrow – we are spending the day at his office boxing up crap to move into his new space. He’s renting an office from a friend for a couple of months. This is a good thing, because his office is a disaster and he needs to throw some crap OUT! Sunday – I have a paper due. Did I mention how much I hate elective courses? I just did a PowerPoint presentation last night… on Psychological disorders. uh. I can’t stand elective classes.

I think I might have received my mother’s day gift last night – the USB harddrive that I use to store my music, pictures and digital scrapbooking stuff on died and Michael bought me a badass new one. 320 GB thank you very much. Although I appreciate it so much (because I would die without those electronic files) I am hoping that one day he’ll be less practical with my gifts and become whimsical when he chooses something for me.  I won’t go into the details about when I got an air compressor for my birthday. Who cares if I wanted one?

I have finally made plans for the Memorial Day long weekend. I will be heading up to the Pacific Northwest to see my girl Lori and become acquainted with her tidy bundle of joy – she had a baby boy a few weeks ago and I’m desperate to smell his head. 🙂 Depending on Michael’s plans, I might bring my Brody-man with me. He’s a great road tripper (as long as he’s busy) and this will be a great trip for both of us. Who knows, daddy might take them camping to Yosemite.

We are making the final arrangements for driving the boys to Canada to spend the summer with my parents. Last night I asked Brody how long he wanted to go for and he said 5 months. Then his dad told me that I had to use days, because Brody recognizes the length of days. I told him I wanted him and Evan to go to Canada for 60 days and he said “whew… that’s kind of a long time.” We are hoping to re-do our flooring in the house while they are gone and I would LOVE to not have to pay for childcare for two months. 🙂  We’ll see. I think Brody would be fine up there for that length of time – I think Evan might have a hard time. But, this is good for them and it’s good for my parents. They don’t really get to spend a lot of time with my boys and I cannot stress enough how important that grandchild/grandparent relationship is.

I only wish I could go for two months. Sigh.

I will still be in school for the summer. I’m a little tired of it and I wish it would go away. I realize how important it is to obtain this degree – but man… I’m worn out! Also, I’m totally dreading my next two classes. I’m not exactly sure of the titles (ha) but I know they both have to do with numbers.  My memories of math include the torture of high school math and the ridiculousness of figuring out the train system. I was reading the syllabus for the basic math class and apparently I’m going to be learning fractions! I think I would rather have my toenails ripped out.

So, is an energy drink and M&M’s a good choice for lunch? I don’t feel like having anything else.

I am finally over the “i am so bored with all music” phase that I’ve been in for the past two months. It was getting really rough for me. I am a very musical person and I need to listen to music every single day. So of course this phase passes and my ear is so plugged up that I cannot hear – hence I cannot listen to music. I do have a delightful ringing in my ear that increases the moment I speak or hear anyone else speaking. I wonder if I’ll miss it when it’s gone? I sit across from a woman who has constant ringing in her ears (both of them). I wonder how she can read a book?

Speaking of books, I’m still reading Stiff by Mary Roach. It’s a hard book to get through because the only time I have to read is during lunch – and this is NOT a “read at lunch” kind of book. I just got passed the part where she discusses human cannibalism. blech.

Mom and Dad just got back from Hawaii and apparently my mom had to buy another suitcase to bring all of her “things” back. She is krazee like that. She bought the boys this little hawaiian shirt and short set. It’s adorable.

So that has been my week… no kidding I wasn’t blogging right? Whew… this stuff is more boring than watching paint dry. Speaking of paint… I am starting to paint the boys’ room this weekend. We are going to go slow – first I’ll patch all the holes in the walls, then I’ll prime with a mold resistent primer, then I’ll tape the horizontal stripes… then hopefully sometime around December, I’ll actually begin painting! HA!  I’m just kidding… I think it will take a couple of weekends. I’ll post before and after photos.



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