Painting Extravaganza!!!!!

May 14, 2008 at 9:06 pm (Brody, Evan)

Usually we like to do crafts on the weekend. Around Christmas time we made styrofoam snowmen. Brody’s had a top hat and Evan’s head was at the top of a long bamboo stick (that him neck – Evan said). This past weekend I bought new paints and huge poster board – I thought we could have some fun! Boy, was I right!

These pictures define how different my boys are from each other. In a lot of ways they are very similar – like their whining and nagging. But they are polar opposites. Take for instance, Evan’s Alien (as seen below). There is no rhyme or reason to it, not a single solitary color was used by itself – all colors MUST be used in conjunction with another color.

He gave the alien eyes… so what if they aren’t the same size?

Here’s Brody’s alien. Complete with a top hat and a friend. They must have been attending a formal function.

His formal attire

They also have very different methods for keeping their paint in order. Brody prefers to have a dab of each color.  Unless you want to hear whining of intense proportions – do NOT even think about letting the paints touch each other. Notice…

Can be reused.

The next exhibit picture is of Evan’s “paint tray.”

Same gene pool? You decide.


1 Comment

  1. Christina said,

    I have to say I love that they are that different! As one of 4 girls none of us are alike, and its awesome, mostly. Read: Im the only one obsessed with cleaning products and post it notes. Pffft!

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