Summer is here!

May 14, 2008 at 8:15 pm (Melodie)

It has been so warm these past few days that I decided to let my legs see the light of day.  I took this picture with my cell phone at lunch yesterday. I walked to Whole Foods(fancy! – the only place around with a quart of strawberries for $10) and wondered if I was blinding the drivers with my ultra white legs. I used to spend all summer trying to get a tan – a situation that always ended on a bad note for me. Sunburn remedy? I know every single one.  I wish y’all could see my shoes because they are super cute! An Aldo opened in our local mall – just in the knick of time! Apparently, they’d been there for two years – but I don’t get out much. Anyway, I was having a shoe emergency and happened upon these little beauties. You can’t see it, but these have a wedge heal. NICE.



  1. Bev said,

    Yeah, it is waaay too warm. All my relatives are here for the graduation, and I had warned them all weeks ago that they needed to bring warm clothes… they must all think I’m a big fat liar.

  2. tulse luper said,

    Lovely photo –
    might be nice to have the nails
    a glossy fire-engine red.

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