My name is Melodie and I have a problem

May 15, 2008 at 8:05 am (Melodie)

I am addicted to the craigslist “free” section. I cannot help myself. I have a browser open all day and refresh it through out the day. I find myself going home and opening the website at home so I can monitor the activities.  It’s a whole other world people. I love reading the ads, last night I saw an ad titled “free gym staff” and I was anxious to find out who was getting rid of their employees. I opened the ad and realized someone had misspelled stuff… I was so disappointed!

There was one ad a few days ago that was so incredibly honest – it made me laugh. The people writing these ads just want this crap gone. They are making the sale!! This woman was trying to get rid of this old crappy couch and had written on the ad “not very comfortable, but with a slip cover and some new cushions it would be great for someone!” I think she might need to work on her sales tactics.

There are tons of ads for free dirt. Basically, people want you to come by their house and dig up their yard – for free. You can take all the dirt you want, but you’ve gotta remove it. Who is doing this? There are tons of ads for “free wood” as well. Again… craigslist posters must think the rest of the community is stooopid! Free wood “pieces” from our “deck” in small “1 foot lengths.” Soooo, I guess I’m coming to your back yard to pick up all the crap left over from building your deck?

A few days ago – I scored BIG time on craigslist. I found a very sturdy set of wooden lockers complete with keys! I have no idea where we are going to put it – or what we are going to do with it… but I just had to have it. Michael picked it up yesterday – these pictures do not do it justice! Of course you ask “but where will you put it?” and I’m telling you – leave that up to me! I have ways of making this work! I would love to put it in the boys room because I think it’s a really cool storage area. I can imagine Brody locking Evan into one of the lockers and then losing the key.

Right now this beauty is sitting in our backyard waiting. Now, if you’ll excuse me – I found a free hot tub on craigslist and I need to make arrangements for pick up.



  1. Stephanie said,

    Ha, what an addiction. Keep in mind there are other sites just like CL that can give you your fix (ex: !!! Haha, sorry, I don’t want to fuel the fire too much!!!!!

    Actually when we were remodeling our backyard we needed a lot of gravel, so where did we look? That’s right, the free section on backpage. LOL. Well, I made my husband go shovel it into his truck and bring it home, but hey, it was free!

    Good luck with your hunting!

  2. Bev said,

    Hey, those lockers are wicked cool! Maybe it is the scorpio in me that is constantly wanting to find little cubbies to tuck away my shiny treasures….but still, neato!

  3. Christina said,

    I want some of those!! OMG- what an amazing find.

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