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June 1, 2008 at 7:31 pm (Family, Melodie)

Good gracious… I’ve had a crappy weekend. It should have been lovely. Evan got sent home from school on Friday because he threw up and had a fever. I was barely at work for an hour. There is nothing like a 3 day work week!

Saturday, Michael had to work – was supposed to only work until noon but ended up working all day – the boys and I moved the desk from Brody’s room into my craft room. This did two things, it gave the boys more room in their cramped space and gave me a proper desk for blogging, downloading podcasts… oh and homework. It’s so comfortable!

Sunday’s usually aren’t good days for me; I’m usually swamped with laundry. I try to do our weekly meal plans. And on occasional Sundays, I tend to decompress and move within myself – which is exactly what happened today. The only problem was Michael had to work and the boys were intent on driving me bonkers. Which is what little boys do. I get that… but I don’t think I was emotionally prepared for today. Evan spent almost the whole afternoon in time out and Brody got a lecture on lying. grrrr

Michael was happy to work the whole weekend, it makes him feel secure – I was okay with him working as well. I just wish it wasn’t for the whole weekend. I wasn’t having any particular issues with the boys, I just don’t think I was emotionally “present” for them this weekend. We had a great day yesterday because we were busy – but I needed to do some computer things and some dreaded math homework – so I wasn’t “with” them. Evan took the stylus and storage card out of my phone and promptly lost them – which was one of the reasons he was in time out. He also insisted on lying to me – another reason for time out. What is it about kids? My boys think either they are so smart or I’m so stupid – that I won’t catch them lying. Don’t they realize that I’m smarter?

The storage card is going to be an issue. All of my cell phone pictures were on it, along with “notes” and to-do items. He loves putting small things into small containers, so I’ve been searching every small container to see if these two relatively small items are inside. Because I was emotionally drained, when I realized Evan was lying to me I started to cry. I don’t think either boy was ready for that. To be honest, I don’t think mommy was ready for it either. I have a unique bond with both boys, but Evan is my baby – to think that my baby is lying right to my face was too much for me to deal with today. I feel much better right now – I took a shower and finished the computer tasks I needed to complete.

I have a hard enough time remembering to do crap – now my list is gone. I hope none of you are waiting for something from me…  Which brings me to another realization moment I had today. I am no longer going to volunteer to help people do crap. I know… it makes me sound like a selfish bitch – but I am slightly tired of being taken advantage of. I offer to help people and end up getting kicked in the teeth for it. OR I sacrifice my time or my familys’ time – and end up getting kicked in the teeth. Or disappointed – or both. I’m just not in the mood. I’m going to focus my time on clearing my house of clutter, NOT shopping, and landscaping the backyard. Three very good activities that benefits me, my family or my sanity (in that order).

Speaking of the backyard… I am totally in love with Black Bamboo! I saw some over the weekend and have become instantly obsessed with it. The kind I want has black stocks that can get to be about 4″ in diameter and is of the clumping variety. It’s gorgeous!  I bought some German Striped tomato plants, a hydrangea, a birch tree (oooh how I miss them), some purple planty thing, and a few other plants. Now, I just need to decide where to put them. The hydrangea is going to go where my flowering maple used to be. I just found out the poor thing has scales… it’s dying a horrifying death. I’ve not decided on the birch tree.. but the tomato plants are going in bags of potting soil. I hear that is the best way to grow them. Michael bought me a 70 gallon container so that I can create a water garden (with a fountain and fish!) so I’m going to be shopping for water plants this week. I’m hoping I can score some on craigslist – we all know how addicted I am to the free section!

Honestly, I’m just glad the weekend is over. oooh that is so sad!


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