Monday, Bloody Monday

June 2, 2008 at 9:00 pm (Bored, Melodie)

Okay so the title is so cliche (insert little thingy on the e) – but whatever. Last night, for no apparent reason, I woke up at 1:30 am and was wide awake until 3:00 am. Gosh… I totally love that. Especially when I have to work in the morning.

I had an all day conference today, I actually learned something!!  Score! Usually, these conferences are a huge waste of time and people regret attending. I regretted the boxed lunch and the cookies that tasted like pickles – but the info was good. I also learned a good friend at work is moving back to Seattle. It’s hard enough for me to make friends, but when they move to a city that I ADORE and LEAVE me here – well forgive me if I don’t take it well. Ah I’m just kidding. I’m just GREEN with envy. Especially when I think of how close he’ll live to Canada. 😦

Did I mention that we are on the official countdown to the boys leaving for Canada. They can hardly contain themselves. Heck, I can hardly contain myself! As the date gets closer, Evan continues to emphasize what his grandpa has made for him, or bought for him, or how much his grandpa knows. I continue to call my dad and explain these things to him so that he doesn’t disappoint Evan by not knowing what the little piece of skin on your nose between the nostrils is called. Or is not surprised when he learns that Evan believes he built our dining room table (including the chairs). He’s handy, but he’s not that handy.

It has been an uneventful day today. Really, there’s barely anything to talk about. I hope I sleep tonight. How pathetic is that??  Goodness, I need to get a life. ha! Or maybe I should tell you about my tuition reimbursement application… snore……. 


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