The backyard

June 6, 2008 at 10:36 am (Melodie) (, )

When we first bought our house, the backyard was so beautiful. It had lovely grass and a garden full of calla lilies. We moved into our house and brought home two beautiful chocolate lab puppies the very same day. Over time, the dogs TORE up this back yard. They dug up and trampled all of the lilies, dug holes in the grass, and pooped absolutely everywhere. Then we had kids. We couldn’t even go into the backyard after the boys were born because the lawn was 3 feet high and there was dog poop everywhere.

Eventually, the boys grew up and gave us a bit more freedom. We have built a deck, added a shed, a play set, a new and improved side garden (complete with two lemon trees), a new fence… the list goes on. The problem is, the backyard needs a lot of time invested into it and that is something that I do not have. I am trying to teach the boys to not throw garbage on the ground and to put something away if they’ve taken it out. But they are boys – and are so focused on playing that this often is the last thing on their mind.

Every week, unless I do a run through over the yard – the garbage piles up and becomes a menace. This past week was no different.  I am planning on a big gardening weekend. I am going to plant some things I just purchased, I’m going to re pot some things that are root bound, I am going to mulch the entire area… I am so excited!

I am also buying a bat house.  The guy at the nursery advised me against it, but my green thumb (my mom) told me bat’s will eat mosquito’s! While gardening the other night, I happened to get two bits on my tooshie and they have been the bain of my existence! I’m kind of creeped out about having a bat so close, but I don’t feel I have a choice. I want this summer to be the first summer when I can enjoy my backyard – that enjoyment does NOT include being eaten alive by pesky bugs.  I will have michael install the bat house, then i will try to forget that it is in the yard.

I am also NOT going to tell the boys about the bat house – I want the bat to be left alone and not pestered by some pesky kids!




  1. Christina said,

    WHAAA!! A BAT house? You are nuts,, I can see it now. Evan and Brody are going to want them as pets… are you sure about this?
    Have a good weekend.. I love working outside but dear lawd watch out for poison ivy…

    ps- this new look while awesome is blinding my old ass.

  2. Christina said,

    Oh thank you! That is so much nicer on my eyes.

    I have to confess, while reading that I was picturing some sort of green house for bats like you were going to BUY bats… then a little bit later while unloading the dishwasher I realized its like a little bird house for bats… am SMRT:)

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