The Journey to Canada

June 28, 2008 at 11:43 am (Canada)

We got a late start on Friday, not leaving home until about 10:00 am. This was okay with both of us because we didn’t want to forget anything and we didn’t want to be rushed. The trip began with excitement and anxiousness – we were excited! Then, the afternoon came. Fast and furious. We were in Fernley, Nevada and decided to stop at the Walmart because I needed a bandaid (long story) and we were hungry. Walmart had a subway!!  As we were walking in to the store we were greeted with a sign that said “Gourmet Sushi.” I like adventures, but I doubt there would have been many takers on gourmet sushi from a Walmart in the middle of Nevada. If you’ve never driven through northern Nevada, well I compare it to a hidden wasteland. There isn’t a stitch of water to be found anywhere. The landscape is barren and full of native (aka drought resistant) plants. I’m quite confident that any “sushi” within the walmart could not be for human consumption. Not this human anyway.


The boys quickly lost the excitement for the journey and turned our road trip into a nightmare. I can’t really blame them – they are young boys strapped into a car seat all day. Boys who are used to running around and playing with their friends. I tried to get them to play together, but that ended up in fights. We stopped in Elko (a real hotspot in northern Nevada) for the night because Michael and I had had enough. I can only take so much whining. They both have this way of starting sentences with “momma…” in a particular tone that makes me want to rip my ears off my head. A few months ago I’d had conversations with both of the boys’ teachers at school about the whining. Both teachers said “they don’t whine, in fact, they communicate quite well.” This is a classic case where the parents end up getting the short end of the stick. I love my boys, more than life itself. But the whining. Dear god.


I am putting a certain husband on a strict diet for road trips. Between the whining and his intestinal gases…. I’m considering my options for transportation. There have been times when I’d have rather been on a greyhound bus in the middle seat with no a/c. You know, just for the peace and quiet.


Oh and we woke up this morning and Brody’s tooth was loose!! On one hand, it made me very excited for him – he’s been giving me daily teeth updates on his classmates. On the other hand, I’m sad my little boy is growing up. This is a sure sign that he’s a big boy – and the tooth fairy will most likely visit him at his grandma’s house!! I know there will be other teeth, other chances for the tooth fairy to come to our house – but it’s his first tooth! I’m glad his grandpa and grandma are going to be a part of “The great toothus exodus of 2008!”  We are currently driving through Idaho and should be in Butte Montana by 4:30 – no way, that’s Pacific time – so around 5:30.


The boys have just had a snack from Chevron (I’m getting the mother of the year award this year) and are experiencing boundless energy. In the back of the car. With no where to run. We’ll be stopping for lunch and shenanigans soon.


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  1. Christina said,

    Bawahahah! Butte. Yes, I know how its pronounced but stil,l its like Uranus, you know? Am mature.

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