The Boys…

June 29, 2008 at 3:36 pm (Uncategorized)

As we were approaching Lethbridge, the texts from my mom were coming fast and furious. The boys were both sleeping, it’s tough riding in a car for 8 hours and their grumpiness was unmatched. We were all excited to reach my brother’s campground and finally see everyone already! GAWD!


Riley kept asking my mom “how many more minutes?” We finally arrived and tried to wake the boys from their naps. Brody was raring to go in a few seconds but Evan was not as easy. I was surprised at how easy it was to plop him on his grandpa’s lap and let him wake up. Harper, the lovely and fiery Harper, took about 4.3 seconds to warm up to me after we’d arrived. Man, is her hair red! It’s the color I dream about for my hair!


All of a sudden, it was like we’d just seen them the week before – not years. Within minutes everyone was running around begging to play video games or go to the park. The adventure had begun! It was lovely to see my neice and nephew, lovely to see my brother and meet his girlfriend. Lovely to see my parents. I love my family, we laugh easily, argue and make up easily. When I think of my boys growing up I hope and hope that we will all have the same relationship that I had with my brother and parents growing up.


The older boys played PlayStation and the younger two ran around trying to take everything in. We went to the park, played in the water, went for small walks around the campgrounds and giggled and laughed. This is exactly the summer I had pictured for my boys.


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