Out in the parkin’ lot

July 31, 2008 at 10:39 pm (Canada, Friends)

I drove to work today because a co-worker was leaving and I promised I’d make heather’s grandmother’s lemon pound cake. I did NOT feel like lugging a 10 lb cake on BART (i know it says pound cake – for some reason it’s a 10 lb cake.) I do not like driving Michael’s truck, it’s enormous. The parking garages around work are for tiny hybrids – NOT big monstrous 4×4 trucks.

On the way in I heard a song by Brad Paisley called “out in the parking lot.” Now, if Brad were Canadian it would have been “ooot in the …” no I’m just kidding. Anyway, it reminded me of a weekend I’d spent with my girl Stacey a LONG time ago. We decided to spend the weekend at her mom’s house (in rural alberta). On a whim, we decided to stay in the actual house that her step-dad had grown up in. Once we arrived, her mom told us of a town dance a few kilometers away – so we decided to head over. The details are quite sketchy.

Here we were… two city girls – dressed to the 9’s and smokin hot – walkin in to this hicktown dance. I mean HICKtown. Those little cowboys didn’t know what hit em. We hadn’t even made it inside the hall and had already been offered some unknown alcoholic concoction out in the parkin’ lot. Stacey grimaced as I accepted a drink from a thermos and actually touched my lips to it! She was a real lady, letting em pour it right into her mouth (without touching her lips to anything.) I admit it, Stacey was more sophisticated than I was. After all, I grew up in a town of about 75 or so – what did I care about germs?

As I said, I don’t remember a lot from that night. I do remember that most small town dances only offer the absolute worst and cheapest hooch they can get their mitts on. I also remember not buying a drink OR sitting down the entire night. Stacey was a much better dancer than I was, she was in a Ukranian folk dance group and had practice dancing and “spotting” so that she didn’t get dizzy. She could also handle her licquor better – especially cheap hooch. It was Stacey that drove the back roads to get us home, it was me that had my head out the door the entire time – telling her to “slow down for christ’s sake.” Meanwhile, we were probably only doing 10 kms.

When we arrived at the house her dad grew up in, we were surprised to find out that we needed to figure out how to heat the place, etc. It was a great weekend even though we froze. That was the weekend I discovered “Mary Margaret O’Hara” and found out what great artists her parents were. I love Stacey, always have. When I first met her, she intimated the heck out of me. She has long gorgeous (natually curly) hair. Her makeup is always perfect and she has beautiful skin. How can you not be intimated? For more years than I can remember – she was my best friend. We lived together, we drank and danced together, we braved cold Canadian nights to see bands. I could tell her anything, she treated me like her sister (neither of us had a sister… but I think we really did well in figuring it out). We really did share the best times together. We always laughed, she was way more serious and responsible than I was. I loved hanging out with her friends, I spent so many winters at the Ukranian hall eating pierogies and drinking vodka. I can’t tell you how many nights we spent at the Strathcona hotel ordering “tables of beer.” She helped shape me as a young woman. We’ve supported each other through the loss of family members, lovers and other friends. She is the type of friend that you may not speak to in a few months, but you both fall easily back into a rhythm and it’s like you’ve talked to each other every day.

It’s amazing how music can bring a person right back to a moment. Brad’s song wasn’t out at the time, but hearing that song brought me right back to that hicktown dance 15 years ago. With that memory came all the memories of my friendship with Stacey. I love music.

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A pack of wild animals

July 28, 2008 at 2:11 pm (Brody, Evan)

So my brother brought home a puppy yesterday. That makes the dog count up to three. He also brought his two kids back to the lake – that makes the kid count up to four.  I called my dad to find out how he was doing. You know, with the kids and the dogs and the food… I didn’t get an answer the first time. I was concerned that maybe the kids had him tied up to the chair or something. I can just picture it… grandpa tied to the chair with a sock stuffed in his mouth and three dogs lickin his feet.

He called me back and we actually had a pretty decent conversation. In between the lunch orders and yelling at the kids. I was just happy to hear from him! Apparently he’d already cleaned up two poops from the driveway and some vomit on the swing set. I was a little nervous to ask who did what. Thankfully, it was the new puppy! I told him he needed to make Brody in charge of the new puppy – apparently, that’s why there was puke on the swing set.

It seems Brody took the new puppy on the swing set and the dog got motion sick. He puked and then proceeded to poop everywhere. I’m sure Brody had the best intentions. I asked Evan if he liked the little puppy and he said “Yep, and he’s real chubby.” I said “does grandpa like the new puppy?” “Yep, and the puppy’s name is buddy.” I’m glad my father can hide his distaste for the new chubby puppy in front of the kids. He’s a real softie and I’m sure dad will warm up to the pup. Someday.

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Actual conversation

July 28, 2008 at 1:53 pm (Michael)

I am working from home today and work better with noise. I happened to turn on Brokeback Mountain on Bravo. Here is the text convo between me and Mikey…

Me: I’m watching Brokeback Mountain
Him: I just sent you a link via email
Me: My god, they are really kissing
Him: No more details please
Me: Are you sure, cuz I got more
Him: No, I’m good

Baa haa! It’s okay now, the boys on tv are fighting and punching each other. I wonder if he’d want those details?

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A person I admire

July 25, 2008 at 7:53 pm (Melodie)

A person that I have never met, but admire greatly died today. He became very famous after delivering his “last lecture” and was a professor at Carnegie-Mellon. He delivered the lecture after he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. The main goal of the last lecture was to provide his children with guidance after he died. I don’t want to say too much about him, I don’t want to say his name – but it is important for me to write about what it meant to me to listen to this lecture.

I first learned about him on Oprah, he inspired me to become a better person, to have a more positive outlook on life, to enjoy my family and each day that I woke up healthy. I am so sad for his family, for his wife and three young children. He was such an awesome man, a brilliant man who knew exactly what was most important in life. I have listened and watched the lecture and am anxious to listen again. I love it when a person can inspire those around them to be better humans.

I’m sad that this incredible human, a person who never harmed anyone and contributed to his family and society in monumental ways, died from the worst type of cancer ever. No one deserves to die in pain and no parent should outlive their child.

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Wii are addicted

July 22, 2008 at 11:48 am (Wii)

Of course, I’m using the proverbial Wii. It seems my grandmother is now addicted to Wii bowling. And really, who can blame her? Apparently, my mom has been playing so much wii that her arm hurts. Her arm! She had to get a couple of driving games because she has tennis elbow! I love that my grandma, my mom, and my auntie are playing so nice together! 

Brody is very clear when he’s referring to one of them… “Mommy, YOUR grandma is here!” or “Your Auntie Di is here!” and he’ll refer to his grandma as “MY grandma – YOUR mom.” Like I didn’t know or something. He’s the best. And he’s so funny! My fear is that he’s going to come home and kick my butt on the Wii… I think I better start practicing. Brody is not a nice winner.

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Wrapping up last week… or starting this week

July 22, 2008 at 11:20 am (Uncategorized)

I swear, unless I write it down – it completely flies out of my brain. I think it’s because the boys are gone, my brain (and body) have become quite lazy lately. I haven’t done a decent load of laundry in 3 weeks and can barely get my butt off the couch to load the dishwasher.  I am finding that I am more organized when the boys are here. They force me to do stuff that I don’t like doing – but I do it because I’m their mommy.

Speaking of mommy’s… my mom emailed me and said Brody ate a hot dog, a hamburger AND baked beans at a BBQ they went to over the weekend. If you know Brody, you know this is an amazing feat! This is a child who can last for 3 days on a fruit loop and a cheerio. Not a bowl… one. I am hoping that my parents have cured Brody of his unwillingness to eat. What can I say? The kid is exactly like me. I remember spending a summer at my great uncle’s house – his wife wasn’t a good cook. We had things like boiled chicken. I fed myself with vegetables from the garden. I had eaten so many peas that my (#2) was green! My trip to their house was cut short by a death in the family… I almost cried with relief when I saw my parents! It wouldn’t have been so bad had my uncle lived in town – but he lived on a farm. It was a nightmare. Not the trip… just the food part. That was the summer I spent haulin bales of hay. I now know why no one messes with a farm kid.

I spent the weekend lounging around. I had a paper due and a final exam for my math elective. Did I ever mention how much I hate elective classes? I think you are forced to take them so you’ll have something to complain about, something that will bring your GPA down to a whole number. I had a pretty good GPA before this stupid math class, but considering I didn’t get good marks – I’ll probably be put in the special ed class for the rest of my courses. I don’t really like math. I do like that I know how to do some stuff – mathwise – but I can do without the actual class. I wrote my paper (in my health care class) with my eyes closed. It was on Quality of Care and I just spent the past 3 years supporting Care programs at work. Uh… only 700 words? But I have like 10,000 more I could put down… you know, if you needed it.

My close girlfriend T had her gorgeous baby over the weekend. Her husband gave me the low-down but I’m waiting for the ‘real’ story. I’ll give her a few days to recover, considering she gave birth to a toddler. This was the biggest baby! He weighed in over 10 lbs and close to 2 feet long! goodness! I joked with Michael that the baby was probably already eating red meat with a knife and fork. Might I mention that he had the most perfectly coiffed hair for a newborn. It was very CEO. He’s a beautiful baby and I’m so proud of her. If you are reading – you need to call!

So that’s been about it. Other than we are painting the boys room and taking their bunk beds apart. The new design will be awesome! I can think it out… without being forced to put everything back together all at once! We are painting horizontal stripes on the wall! I’m hoping for “level” lines.. but at this point I’ll take what I can get!

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Stupid Box

July 22, 2008 at 9:45 am (Work)

Ok, so I really do like my job. In fact, I’ve never been more challenged at a job in my entire life. I work around some great people, my boss is really great. There are a few people I could do without, but I work to live – not live to work.

As I was returning from grabbing lunch a few days ago, I was introduced to the person my boss replaced. Let’s call her….. yancy. I wear my iPod a lot during lunch because I don’t feel like being harassed by people on the street trying to sell something. One of my co-workers waved me over to “meet” yancy. I felt slight irritation at this, because I am an introvert. I do not want to be bothered by co-workers at lunch time… especially when that time is short! I toddled over and was introduced and the first thing Yancy said to me was “do you know where my box is?” Of course, I was immediately irritated because who starts a conversation with someone you don’t even know in that manner? I felt like slapping her face (I wasn’t in a good mood apparently). I just looked at her and said “no.” Apparently, a few assistant’s ago – she left a box of personal items here to be shipped to her house. It never happened. That was about 10 months ago. Wouldn’t you call after a couple weeks and inquire about the box? Why would you wait 10 months and 2 new people later?

My co-worker seriously wanted me to spend my entire afternoon looking for Yancy’s damn box. uh.. I don’t think so. I walked into my boss’s office and told him what happened. He’s got my back. The co-worker wanted me to call the courier to see if they could tell me if a box had been shipped. From a building with about 4 thousand workers… who all have the same address. Without a tracking number. Without a reference number. Does she think I just sit around here all day with nothing to do?

This was almost as ridiculous as the request I received over instant messaging from another co-worker who asked if I could shut her door for her because she was on a conference call.  She instant messaged me during lunch (AGAIN) and requested I come shut her door. Sigh… No wonder this department can’t keep a person in this spot.

As for the box… well, Yancy made it sound like she had money in the box. When I spoke to the person who used to be in this spot – it was referred to as change from the desk. I think that if you aren’t smart enough to call soon after you were to expect the box – then poo on you. And your stupid box.

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July 18, 2008 at 2:40 pm (Bored, Work)

We have a consultant (or contractor depending on who is asking) at work who cannot seem to perform proper contractions. For instance, he asked me for a hard copy of a project we are working on and ended his request with this sentence: “I can pick it up once you’ve it.” When I’ve what it?

Sometimes, it gets even more ridiculous. I want to email him back and say “you aren’t contracting the words correctly.” But I’d like to do it in … ok… in an evil way. Alright, i’m going straight to hell – but I don’t care! He has made my life a living hell these past four weeks; although we get along okay – everytime I see him walking down the hall I want to scream!  Again, not because I don’t like him. His brain is exactly the opposite of my brain.

Anyway, whatever. Can you tell I’m bored?

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Time is flying!

July 16, 2008 at 3:51 pm (Melodie)

Literally. Time is flying right by me. It seems just like yesterday that I was cooped up in a car driving across country and being denied a restroom stop.  All of a sudden, two weeks have gone by and I am no further along in my laundry than I was before we started the summer! Speaking of summer, where the hell is it? On vacation?

A girlfriend of mine is about to have her first child. I love her to death, we actually went to high school together.  Her sister and my brother went to school together. We have some history. I’m waiting patiently and anxiously for the arrival of her little bambino… and I keep seeing 5’s. I can’t explain, but everytime I think of her – I see a number 5. I think she’s officially a week late today – so the baby should be here soon.

Speaking of babies. I want one. Another one. I know already! I’m KRAZEE for even thinking it! sigh

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Why won’t he stop?

July 16, 2008 at 12:58 pm (Brody)

Well, I can picture the speech I’ll make at the Mother of the Year banquet…  My mom emailed to let me know that “they just can’t seem to get Brody to stop pooping outside.” Who should I thank in my speech? Right now, I’m blaming this on my dad. Same guy who told the boys it was okay to wipe their nose on their sleeves. ugh.

My boss thinks there might be some “green” benefit to Brody pooping outside. Look at all the water he’s saving! He’s fertilizing the lawn! My parents’ dogs don’t even poop in the yard, they head over to the “forest” behind my parents house and poop there! I’m going to suggest they have the dogs teach Brody where to poop – problem solved.

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