The short visit

July 2, 2008 at 3:59 pm (Uncategorized)

The visit with my family was very short. They had a plan and we wanted to start making the journey back to California. Bob was going to take all the kids to Drumheller to see the dinosaur museum. Initially, my mom and dad were going to take Harper with them but she wasn’t having that at all! She’s a lot like me, both of us inherited our opinions and attitudes from the same person (ahem…). She’s got an irish temper and the red hair to match. She wants what she wants when she wants it. 🙂 I may know someone just like that… (ahem).

I was fine leaving the boys, Michael was a little choked up. I knew this trip would be amazing for everyone involved and I put my faith in the fun and adventure they were about to embark upon. Michael was being a typical daddy… selfish and wanting his boys by his side. I understand that. In fact, since we’ve left the boys I’ve noticed more kids and pondered past memories of our boys. I’m acting like they are gone forever. Anyway, we all took off – the boys headed towards dinosaur (and little boy) heaven and us toward Montana. I was fine.. until we almost got to the border. More on that later.

As usual, the visit was too short and I spent most of the time inside my head wishing we’d move home to be closer to them. Closer to my brother and the kids. Closer to my parents and grandparents. Even thinking about it now chokes me up. We enjoyed a greasy meal from KFC, organic jelly beans and fruit loops. I’m getting closer and closer to mother of the year. That night, the boys and my brother decided the boys would sleep in the trailer and we’d head to the motel. Harper decided she’d sleep in the middle between the two boys. I cannot even imagine what that night was like for them. Evan and Harper are still at the stage where they move around a lot at night – Brody sleeps like a log. I’m sure many letters of the alphabet were made that night with the three kids each forming one part of a letter. The letter H comes to mind… and W. 🙂

Dad and I spent the evening together, doing something we both love… gambling! Of course, I risk the 100’s of spam messages trying to post by saying the “g” word – but I’ll take my chances. Michael likes to play cards as well – but he was too tired to come with us. Mom isn’t a very good gambler… playing her 20 dollars then wanting to leave. We rolled back to the hotel at 2:30!!!  I was on vacation!


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