July 6, 2008 at 12:57 pm (Family)

My boys are in Canada with their grandparents. This is the first time that they’ll be gone for such an extended period. Before they left, you could tell we were all sick of each other. We live in a small house, we commute together 5 days a week, we have chores around the house on weekends – everyone was ready to be away from one another.  This break is needed. The boys need to be with their grandparents and extended family – they need to have the summer off to be free. Obviously, the boys have been on my mind every single day since we left them with my parents.

It’s a beautiful sunny day and I am trying to do my homework so that I can get outside. I am quietly watching this woman and her child right outside my window. He is a little tyke… probably around 14 months old. Cute as a button, dressed up in his little jeans and sneakers. She’s cleaning out her trunk… and throwing things on the ground… in front of my house. This happens a lot in my neighbourhood – no one gives a crap about littering or who will have to clean up their mess.  I mean, it’s not like I go to their house and throw out junk food wrappers and dirty diapers.  Ah I digress. So, she’s talking on her phone and littering and he’s trying (with all his might) to get a cup from the street. This cup was left there by someone else. His body was on the sidewalk and instead of getting on his knees – he was bent over at the waist. Anyone who has seen a little kid this age knows their head weighs twice their body – as he was leaning to grab the cup he lost his balance and fell into the street – right on his face (I think the exact phrase is “ass over tea kettle).  Had this happened to one of my boys, my reaction would have been immediate. He literally scraped the skin off his nose and mushed his face into the pavement. The “mom” meandered over to him, phone crooked in her neck and picked him up. All the while continuing to talk on the phone. The baby was screaming his little head off and was the lovely recipient of “be quiet – I’m on the phone.”  No kisses, no shh’s, nothing. It amazes me how she cared more about a conversation on the phone than her own flesh and blood. Don’t have a child unless you are prepared to have that relationship be the most important relationship you’ve ever had. Don’t have unprotected sex with some stupid boy because he doesn’t “like” to use condoms. Don’t have a child unless you are fully prepared to give them every bit of your attention.

I’m learning so much this week.



  1. Bev said,

    Dude, I want to kick that lady. Seriously? Throwing stuff on the ground in front of your house, and then ignoring her hurt kid? I’m not normally a violent person, but ignoring a hurt child is a really quick way to give him emotional problems.

    Have you seen the movie Idiocracy? It is about what happens when people like that reproduce more than people who, ya know, don’t throw their trash on the ground.

  2. siren5 said,

    Yeah.. Michael and I were pretty mad. We deal with litter bugs all the time because we live across the street from an elementary school. This school would be so convenient for us, but there is no way in HELL that I would send my children to this school. The parents litter and the adminstration doesn’t seem to give a shit! I can’t tell you how many juice boxes I’ve picked up off my lawn. One day, I saw a woman in her car waiting for her kids, she opened both back doors and literally scooped all of her garbage onto the curb in front of my house. I promptly called the cops – but this is the ghetto… they have more important fish to fry. sigh…

  3. Bev said,

    That’s just crazy. That would drive me mad. This isn’t the middle ages, people, we have trash cans now.

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