Why won’t he stop?

July 16, 2008 at 12:58 pm (Brody)

Well, I can picture the speech I’ll make at the Mother of the Year banquet…  My mom emailed to let me know that “they just can’t seem to get Brody to stop pooping outside.” Who should I thank in my speech? Right now, I’m blaming this on my dad. Same guy who told the boys it was okay to wipe their nose on their sleeves. ugh.

My boss thinks there might be some “green” benefit to Brody pooping outside. Look at all the water he’s saving! He’s fertilizing the lawn! My parents’ dogs don’t even poop in the yard, they head over to the “forest” behind my parents house and poop there! I’m going to suggest they have the dogs teach Brody where to poop – problem solved.



  1. Christina said,

    OMG! This is not something you know in advance of wishing for male offspring- Now you tell me!????

  2. siren5 said,

    I am sure that I have mentioned his little “issue” with pooping outside. There have been a few occasions. Once, he backed his little butt up against the fence and let one plop. Then he went behind the shed; and there was the time (in the front yard) in front of the truck. The list goes on!

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