July 18, 2008 at 2:40 pm (Bored, Work)

We have a consultant (or contractor depending on who is asking) at work who cannot seem to perform proper contractions. For instance, he asked me for a hard copy of a project we are working on and ended his request with this sentence: “I can pick it up once you’ve it.” When I’ve what it?

Sometimes, it gets even more ridiculous. I want to email him back and say “you aren’t contracting the words correctly.” But I’d like to do it in … ok… in an evil way. Alright, i’m going straight to hell – but I don’t care! He has made my life a living hell these past four weeks; although we get along okay – everytime I see him walking down the hall I want to scream!  Again, not because I don’t like him. His brain is exactly the opposite of my brain.

Anyway, whatever. Can you tell I’m bored?


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  1. Bev said,

    What is it about email that makes some people’s writing skills regress to the 4th grade? Yesterday, the BF was reading an email a friend had sent him, critiquing some fiction writing the BF had done. The email was a page long – with no paragraph breaks! Yuck.

    At a previous job, I had a co-worker who got into the bad habit of over-using the question mark symbol:

    “So I’ll send you that info about the software? Look it over and tell me if you think it is okay? I need to know in a week? Thanks?”

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