Stupid Box

July 22, 2008 at 9:45 am (Work)

Ok, so I really do like my job. In fact, I’ve never been more challenged at a job in my entire life. I work around some great people, my boss is really great. There are a few people I could do without, but I work to live – not live to work.

As I was returning from grabbing lunch a few days ago, I was introduced to the person my boss replaced. Let’s call her….. yancy. I wear my iPod a lot during lunch because I don’t feel like being harassed by people on the street trying to sell something. One of my co-workers waved me over to “meet” yancy. I felt slight irritation at this, because I am an introvert. I do not want to be bothered by co-workers at lunch time… especially when that time is short! I toddled over and was introduced and the first thing Yancy said to me was “do you know where my box is?” Of course, I was immediately irritated because who starts a conversation with someone you don’t even know in that manner? I felt like slapping her face (I wasn’t in a good mood apparently). I just looked at her and said “no.” Apparently, a few assistant’s ago – she left a box of personal items here to be shipped to her house. It never happened. That was about 10 months ago. Wouldn’t you call after a couple weeks and inquire about the box? Why would you wait 10 months and 2 new people later?

My co-worker seriously wanted me to spend my entire afternoon looking for Yancy’s damn box. uh.. I don’t think so. I walked into my boss’s office and told him what happened. He’s got my back. The co-worker wanted me to call the courier to see if they could tell me if a box had been shipped. From a building with about 4 thousand workers… who all have the same address. Without a tracking number. Without a reference number. Does she think I just sit around here all day with nothing to do?

This was almost as ridiculous as the request I received over instant messaging from another co-worker who asked if I could shut her door for her because she was on a conference call.  She instant messaged me during lunch (AGAIN) and requested I come shut her door. Sigh… No wonder this department can’t keep a person in this spot.

As for the box… well, Yancy made it sound like she had money in the box. When I spoke to the person who used to be in this spot – it was referred to as change from the desk. I think that if you aren’t smart enough to call soon after you were to expect the box – then poo on you. And your stupid box.


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