Wrapping up last week… or starting this week

July 22, 2008 at 11:20 am (Uncategorized)

I swear, unless I write it down – it completely flies out of my brain. I think it’s because the boys are gone, my brain (and body) have become quite lazy lately. I haven’t done a decent load of laundry in 3 weeks and can barely get my butt off the couch to load the dishwasher.  I am finding that I am more organized when the boys are here. They force me to do stuff that I don’t like doing – but I do it because I’m their mommy.

Speaking of mommy’s… my mom emailed me and said Brody ate a hot dog, a hamburger AND baked beans at a BBQ they went to over the weekend. If you know Brody, you know this is an amazing feat! This is a child who can last for 3 days on a fruit loop and a cheerio. Not a bowl… one. I am hoping that my parents have cured Brody of his unwillingness to eat. What can I say? The kid is exactly like me. I remember spending a summer at my great uncle’s house – his wife wasn’t a good cook. We had things like boiled chicken. I fed myself with vegetables from the garden. I had eaten so many peas that my (#2) was green! My trip to their house was cut short by a death in the family… I almost cried with relief when I saw my parents! It wouldn’t have been so bad had my uncle lived in town – but he lived on a farm. It was a nightmare. Not the trip… just the food part. That was the summer I spent haulin bales of hay. I now know why no one messes with a farm kid.

I spent the weekend lounging around. I had a paper due and a final exam for my math elective. Did I ever mention how much I hate elective classes? I think you are forced to take them so you’ll have something to complain about, something that will bring your GPA down to a whole number. I had a pretty good GPA before this stupid math class, but considering I didn’t get good marks – I’ll probably be put in the special ed class for the rest of my courses. I don’t really like math. I do like that I know how to do some stuff – mathwise – but I can do without the actual class. I wrote my paper (in my health care class) with my eyes closed. It was on Quality of Care and I just spent the past 3 years supporting Care programs at work. Uh… only 700 words? But I have like 10,000 more I could put down… you know, if you needed it.

My close girlfriend T had her gorgeous baby over the weekend. Her husband gave me the low-down but I’m waiting for the ‘real’ story. I’ll give her a few days to recover, considering she gave birth to a toddler. This was the biggest baby! He weighed in over 10 lbs and close to 2 feet long! goodness! I joked with Michael that the baby was probably already eating red meat with a knife and fork. Might I mention that he had the most perfectly coiffed hair for a newborn. It was very CEO. He’s a beautiful baby and I’m so proud of her. If you are reading – you need to call!

So that’s been about it. Other than we are painting the boys room and taking their bunk beds apart. The new design will be awesome! I can think it out… without being forced to put everything back together all at once! We are painting horizontal stripes on the wall! I’m hoping for “level” lines.. but at this point I’ll take what I can get!


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  1. Christina said,

    OH! Good luck with the painting project. How fun:) I have never been brave enough to do anything other than solid walls…. I hope you will report on how it went?

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