Weekend Wrap-Up

August 4, 2008 at 11:38 am (Weekend)

Michael and I had a great weekend! We went camping in Armstrong Redwood Forrest (or something) and had an awesome time riding our bikes, lounging around in the sun and eating WAY too much! I got a bit of sun, but not sunburned!  We were amazed at how serene and peaceful the campsite was, how quiet and dark it got. It’s an amazing place! I have video to share, but we cleaned the garage out last night and I wasn’t in the mood to actually touch a computer.

Michael and I rented a canoe and headed up the Russian River for a leisurely boat ride. I had to keep reminding him and myself that as far as we paddled one way, we had the same exact distance back! We ended up turning back a little closer than we’d have liked, with the intentions of going out again – but after that my whole entire core was a little too sore for more paddling. We decided to lay on the beach and drink beers – not a bad way to spend an afternoon!

Brody lost his first tooth yesterday! The tooth fairy left him $5! Yes, it’s a large sum for one measely tooth, but it’s the equivalent of guilt money! The tooth fairy is guilty she/he is not there with him for this monumentous occasion! Thankfully, the substitute tooth fairy is keeping the tooth. 🙂 Brody is such a good boy, he actually shared his money with his brother and cousins – which I thought was very nice! They have an appointment at the photographer on Wednesday, so Grandma is taking them to “dollarrama” for treats!

It seems the “honeymoon” of having no children at home is now over. Michael and I cleaned the garage yesterday, we are going to do laundry tonight, I’m back to school, the boys’ room still needs to be finished and we have a shed to organize and move! oy. Wish us luck!


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