Motivation? Where?

September 7, 2008 at 3:52 pm (Bored, Melodie)

I was on vacation (officially) last week and seemed to have misplaced my motivation. Has anyone seen it? I lost it just before I left and can’t seem to recall where I put it.

The tooth fairy visited our home this week. Left the little bugger $5 bucks! Brody now realizes that teeth=money and worked that loose tooth like a coal miner! Wiggle wiggle… constant wiggle. Then he’d fuss with it and try pulling it out. Wiggle wiggle again. It came out at school and his teacher put it on a big huge postcard for him. Double taped to keep from losing it. Buggy was quite upset that the tooth was gone in the morning. That’s what that bitch tooth fairy does! She steals teeth and leaves money! THE NERVE!

This week passed quite quickly. I had an entire list of things I wanted to accommplish – but that got flushed down the toilet. Whatever. I had my entire weekend planned, including writing a 700 word paper … on something. I can’t recall the subject right now. I am also going to start going through all of our crap because we are bursting at the seams. The house cannot take anymore stuff inside of it! I went through 2 weeks worth of mail yesterday, the pile was about 24 inches high (junk mail here in the US SUCKS!), my estimate was about 200 pieces of mail. I ended up keeping 3 magazines (I keep subscribing), I gave Michael 4 bills and I kept a letter about my work. That leaves 192 pieces of junk mail that went into recycling. Thank goodness for recycling!

Michael moved the shed this past week. We are planning on building a lower deck and a fireplace / sitting area in its spot. We were going to do a raised garden, but seriously, who were we kidding? We have two kids and are working on a third – no one is going to have time to plant, cultivate, and weed a freakin garden. No matter how raised it is!

The boys are loving the new kitten! She is such an absolute joy. M (we’ll call her M for short) is a lot of fun. She likes to play, doesn’t mind being picked up, chases and runs after any and all bouncy balls and gives lots of love – what’s not to like? The other two cats are really for me. I knew they would be – but M… she seems to be the family cat. Now with three cats in the house, we are up to our arseholes in cat hair. Which is why I have “clean the bedroom” on my shit list this weekend. We have a tattered and worn rug (which is driving me crazy) to throw out and a whole pile of “stuff” under the bed that needs to get cleaned up. It’s amazing what kids will drop behind a bed. Couple that with a massive amount of cat hair… and you’ve got yourself a mess.

I did want to have the three bedrooms carpeted – and we probably will… just not right now. So, the area rug will get tossed, the room will get thoroughly cleaned and I’ll be a happy mamma again. I’m also going to go through all of my clothes. I know there are hangers being used for clothes I haven’t even looked at for 6 months. I keep changing sizes (down, thankfully) and some of it is useless to me. Michael is making a run to the dumps (all you boys are totally jealous!) with a pile of crap. We (meaning Michael) seem to collect crap, pile it up in a corner (just in case), where it attracts more crap – then I walk by and demand it leave the area immediately!

On another note, the lemon tree is producing like crazy! I still cannot believe that I own an actual lemon tree with real lemons. I guess there is one good thing about living in California.


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