It’s been one of those days

September 9, 2008 at 4:15 pm (Melodie)

I think the planets, stars, gods, and the moon were all telling me to stay home today. For some reason, I could not get any of my boys out of their beds this morning. Everyone (except me) woke up late.

I decided to leave the lazy bums at home so that I could make the train on time. Just before I headed out the door, I realized I did not have a lunch. Then, as I was driving to the train, some lady flipped me the bird for no apparent reason. I got to the station and realized the train was running late (NEVER a good sign). It was standing room only 2 stops from mine.

As we approached the city, a delay was announced. sigh…

Then further delays. Finally, I arrived at work half an hour late. NEVER a good sign.  My day got progressively worse from that point. Ever been told to “archive your email” for fear of losing something you may need? Sure… we’ve all been told that. Ever been told “HOW” to archive? Me either. So, I archived the only way I know how.

All of a sudden, an error popped up on my screen – “1638 files were successfully deleted.”  WHAT?!?!?!  Holy crap! So I called the dreaded I.T. department. No offense to my honey, but these people are useless. I’m sure they can’t walk and chew gum at the same time. My issue got elevated to a 2nd tier support person because the first person I spoke with wasted 20 minutes of my time NOT fixing the problem and had to elevate it to someone smarter. Then I got a 20 minute lecture from this little puke about archiving and it’s ever subtle nuances. I know I shouldn’t have 1700 items in my inbox… but that is how I roll!

It’s close to quitting time and I am thinking of calling in sick for the rest of the month. There is something about work right now that is leaving a bad taste in my mouth.  Oh I know what it might be… could it be that the job I was hired for got tossed out the window and I am everyone’s lacky? hmm That could be it.

I’ll go home tonight and do my usual homework, try to get to bed early and hopefully start tomorrow off on a better note. Wish me luck. bah humbug


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