Week-end Wrap-up

September 14, 2008 at 10:13 pm (Bored, Melodie, Weekend)

I was trying to figure out one more way to hyphenate the subject of this entry. Week-end-wrap-up? Oosh.

I had big plans for this weekend. BIG BIG BIG. I was going to finish the laundry. Laundry? You say. Yep.. Laundry. In my house, laundry is my own personal hell. It never never never goes away. Everytime I look up, it’s there – staring back at me. Laughing at me. Mocking me. There have been times when I have wished for laundry fairies. Little beautiful fairies to take all of my laundry away – forever. I do have one laundry fairy, her name is Mom. Mom is a good fairy, she loves to help me with my laundry. And for that? I keep her afloat in margaritas. It’s a fair trade. However, Mom only comes down once or twice a year – she would kill me if I left the laundry for that long! No amount of delicious margaritas would take away her wrath.

So on Friday, we dropped the boys off at Michael’s parents house. They agreed to watch them while we went to a MonaVie tasting in Fairfield. Michael and I have been drinking this nutritional juice and we’ve decided to do the business “end” of Monavie. Anyhooo… it was really fun and we stayed out far too late – but it was worth it!

I really wanted to do some bike riding. Just me – by myself. You know, as an adult on a bike; rather than a mom on a bike who has to stop every two feet because her youngest son refuses to take off his training wheels then whines the entire time because he can’t keep up. But everytime I even make a motion towards my bike, I have two little boys begging to join me. How can I refuse their sweet (although maniacal) little faces? I can’t. So, this weekend – I rode my bike in my brain. Michael asked me to watch The Secret (the movie with fantastic background music, so theatrical and loud that you can’t hear the person speaking) and they said that if you do an activity that you enjoy inside your head – all of the same feelings will happen as if you were really doing the activity. So I did. It was fantastic! Those “the secret” people were right!

Instead, I did laundry on Saturday and stayed home with my boys on Sunday. Michael went to play paintball with a member of the hippy tribe; the remaining family members of the tribe “hippy” came over for shenanigans and cookie making. Being a mom means you need to find the stupidest ways to have fun with your children. Even if that fun includes unloading the dishwasher and hanging curtains. We moms did all the chores and the kids ran around like maniacs.

Saturday night was movie night. We watched Wedding Crashers and The Secret. I seriously forgot how funny Wedding Crashers really is. The boys are so damn cute and the lines are hilarious!

My Sunday evening was filled with stupid dumb homework. I think I am placing these words upon my work because I am just so done with school right now. I am feeling the “back to school” time crunch. Both boys have clothes in their drawers that don’t fit anymore, I have homework up the wazoo, and I can’t walk in the garage for fear of the laundry piles to come crashing down upon me. And seriously? You want me to do a 12 page powerpoint presentation on the physiology of hormone release? I’ll show you a hormone release!! 

I’m wrapping up my weekend, I have to drive to work tomorrow (BLECH BLECH BLECH) – I don’t like it, but I am getting ready for an offsite on Tuesday and I have agreed to pack all the crap from the office to the offsite. Why? Oh I don’t know… I guess I like the torture.


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  1. monavie acai said,

    Im so glad I dont do laundry, it is a nightmare.

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