It doesn’t even feel like the weekend

September 19, 2008 at 10:16 pm (Bored, Weekend)

So it’s really here? Who’d have thought? Seriously, this week went by like a lightening bolt. I was at the office for two days, thank you offsite! I was also sick with some sort of flu that has completely kicked my butt (and my appetite thank you very much.) I stayed at home, practically dying, on Wednesday and Thursday. I will say this… I have completely had it with my co-workers.

Oy, I don’t want to get into it here because nothing has been settled. But basically, I have been shit on one too many times. I am thinking that once was my limit. I went to a learning lunch today and walked away with the sweet door prize! I know I know… I’m awesome.

The door prize is a soft “bag” cooler type thingy. It’s dope. It looks big enough to fit a Canadian case of beer – possibly 15. The American case of beer is 24 (which is called a flat in Canada). I know… so confusing! What’s really great is if I tell Michael to pick up a case of beer… I am expecting 12 – but I actually get 24! I think that might have something to do with the conversion of the metric system to imperial. I’m just sayin…

I don’t have big plans for this weekend. We are headed to one of Michael’s cousins house tomorrow for dinner. They have a baby, she’s 1 – so I’m anxious to see how the boys are with her. Will they treat her the same way they treat the baby kitten? Packing her around by her neck, giving her lots of pets. Probably. We haven’t seen the baby since she was born, so I’m bringing my camera! I’m positive she has delightful cheeks to nom nom on.

Did I mention we bought our plane tickets to go home for christmas? My parents already have all the winter gear stacked up for the boys… I can kiss an Italian summer trip buh-bye because we used all of our miles for this trip. sniff sniff..  It’ll be okay… my parents will be so desperate for the boys that Michael and I can spend all our time in the city doing grown up stuff and NOT be missed at all!


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