September 30, 2008 at 2:00 pm (Canada, Melodie)

I am currently following the travels of a good friend as she roams the world. She is in Ontario right now and happened to catch a pre-season hockey game. The first question she asked on her blog was ‘did y’all catch the pre-season hockey game of the …” one team (probably canadian) against the other (probably american team). She commented on how exciting it was to watch the players bash each other into the boards, how exciting the fights were (hello! this is why we like hockey!). Then, she commented on how hard it was to follow the puck. hmmm… I’ve never had that problem. However, I am Canadian and was born with a hockey stick in my hand. It happens to be the first thing I look for. My comment on her blog was regarding how much us Canucks like pre-season hockey… especially  when the playoff season has not ended and runs into the pre-season.

Christmas comes more than once per year!


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