Writer’s Block or Stress

September 30, 2008 at 1:53 pm (Bored, Melodie)

This week is my final week for two classes in school. Honestly, I could not be happier. I promise I’m not going to complain about electives and how ridiculous they are… but seriously! I will be happy when I never have to think about the rock I have in my pocket – EVER AGAIN! My next two classes are um… Algebra (I think) and some health care class.  I’m actually looking forward to Algebra.

The weeks leading up to this week have been really hectic and busy. Both boys are back in school, we are trying to get ourselves back onto a schedule so that maybe, just one day, I could arrive to work on time. It’s not working out that well… but whatever.  I have found myself in such a horrible predicament with this job… oy. It seems the job I applied for, is not the job that I am in. Somehow, we went back in time and I’ve found myself at exactly the same job that I left (prior to this job).  Is it me?

I don’t want to talk about work. I can’t remember the last time that I have enjoyed a really good laugh. So I trotted on over to Bald Guy Greetings to browse through their offerings. This is one website that can always make me laugh. I found a few treasures that I will be ordering and shipping off to various family members.  I especially love the mother’s day card…

I had promised myself to knit Michael socks for his birthday. I had such good intentions. Turns out, they might be anniversary or christmas socks at the rate I’m going. I lovingly refer to them as the “factory” because I don’t seem to enjoy knitting them right now. I’m just at a part in the knitting that really really sucks! Really! It’s all boring and stupid (but essential if you are a sock). I’ve also been roped into making blankets for the boys’ stuffed animals. So far, only Evan’s bunny has a blanket. I’m sure I could have made blankies for the entire bunch… but I’m a perfectionist! After I finished the blankie, I made diapers. So cute.

I’m thinking about taking a sewing class (I KNOW – where would I find the time?) But I love to sew and I really want to learn to sew useful things… like skirts. I’d also like to learn to hem my own pants, install a zipper and maybe take in (as in make smaller) pants (when needed).  I think zippers are really important.. if I had that knowledge, I could make purses and repair some of my own items. The last seewing class I had was with Mrs. Weidrick in 4-H. She helped me make a placemat and an apron. There must have been another project, I just can’t think of it right now.  I have a serger that I’d like to learn how to use – I hear they can be very handy.

Do you see the writer’s block I am having to deal with? GAWD! I don’t even want to proofread this post, I might fall asleep!

Oh there is one thing… I made dinner rolls over the weekend. From scratch! I also made a banana chocolate chip bread (that the family has devoured). My boys ate all of the rolls… and darn near licked the plate! If I had a list of “want to do” – baking bread (or dinner rolls) would definitely be on it. I should make a list… just so I can cross it off!  Even the thought of that bores me to tears!


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