The universe is weird!

October 3, 2008 at 11:23 am (Universe)

Honestly, it’s probably why we get along so great! The universe and I are weird. Michael made me watch “the secret” on dvd the other night. I figured I’d give it a shot. I mean, seriously, what do I have to lose?

My first step was supposed to be gratitude. I spoke to a co-worker who thinks I show gratitude all the time (???). But I wanted to be vocal about it. However, when I opened my mouth to speak – these words came out “I want to have more money.” uh… so much for gratitude. Since that statement, I have really ramped up my gratitude… Do you need to say it out loud??  Or can I say it in my head? Anyway… the very next day, I attended a workshop at a hotel. I arrived at the hotel and managed to sit right next to a doctor. Not just any doctor… he was the chairman of the board for a very caring and giving organization. A doctor that you would want as your own primary care provider. We had lots in common. We spent the first 1/2 hour of lunch (not eating) talking about where we worked, etc. I was starving so I headed outside to eat my lunch.

The setting was beautiful. It was a warm, gorgeous day. There was a fountain in the background so that I could hear the water flowing while I ate my salad. As I was walking back to class, I looked down and found a wad of cash. I looked around, but since I was at a hotel.. I knew that finding the owner would be impossible. I put the cash in my pocket, went to the bathroom and counted the loot. Seven entire dollars was in the wad! Hey… it was more than I came with.  That night, while opening the mail, I received two checks from a small class action suit. It was one of those situations where you don’t even know you are participating… Those checks totalled $26 dollars.

Then, on Wednesday, I was getting dressed. I hadn’t worn the jacket in about 6 months or so and the pants were fresh from the cleaners. In the jacket pocket, I found 10$ and I found $13 in the pants (freshly pressed!).

This is where things start to get weird (well, for me anyway). This morning, I was really really late for work. Usually I have no problems getting dressed (that means finding clothes to wear). Lately… I’ve been having this issue with my rear end. It doesn’t want to fit into anything these days! Anyway, I wasn’t able to eat breakfast or pack a lunch because we were so pressed for time. No big deal, because there is a moderately decent cafe in our building. As I greeted my boss he exclaimed that he had a surprise for me. He made lasagna last night and brought me a dish of it. Nice right? Then, I sat at my desk and a co-worker brought me a scone that she picked up for me, because she heard me talk about blueberry scones. Isn’t that weird? Within the first 1/2 an hour of work, I already had my breakfast and lunch given to me!

After summing up the events from the past two weeks… I feel I have a right to call the universe weird! But in a good way… not purple nylons and slip on shoes way.

PS. I love you Universe!! kisses!


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