An unusual occurrence on the train

October 6, 2008 at 12:50 pm (Train)

I don’t exactly live in the most courtiest of places (is that even a word?). People never really say “thank you” or “excuse me.” I remember holding the door open in San Francisco for this little old lady (yes, she had a walker) and 15 people pushed her aside to walk through the door I was holding open… not a single person said excuse me or thank you. I got really mad and ended up saying “yep, it’s no problem over here.. I’ll hold the door open for you all day!” Yikes.

Could it be that the area I live in is changing? That maybe, just maybe, people are brushing off their manners and actually taking them out for a spin? I think I may have witnessed the very first instance of courtesy in the Bay Area. I almost fell out of my chair this morning. Good think I didn’t because had I done that, there would have been a stampede to my empty seat.  An unusual occurrence happened when a young woman (around my age, ahem) got on the train. There were no available seats (as usual) so she was forced to stand. Not only was she wearing the highest, spikiest shoes evah – she also had two very large bags of paperback books that she was trying to keep track of.  A guy… a young guy, actually stood up and let her have his chair! I was so shocked and pleasantly pleased that he offered her his chair.  It gets better, one person was trying to get through the doors that connect the cars and he actually held one of the doors open! It seems to me he was raised properly. Either that or he was working on a merit badge.

Of course, all of this kindness could be undone tonight on the ride home… but I’m keeping my fingers crossed for more good deeds. They don’t go unnoticed you know!


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