I could have eaten 100 oreos today

October 9, 2008 at 9:27 pm (Melodie, Sugar)

Today was one of those days. It started out normal. I got ready for work, trying to decide what to wear. I had it all planned… I’m addicted to skirts lately. Today it would have been a black skirt, this lovely top, a sweater and knee high boots. Then, Brody woke up coughing, with a slight fever and the pallor of an albino corn snake (sort of yellow, sort of white).  He said he didn’t feel well and I believed him.

That was my first mistake.

So, I worked from home today. All dressed up with no where to go.  I really hate that. Now I’m dreading going to work tomorrow because I don’t want to deal with my boss. Am I allowed to work from home? I should be – and I do – but does he like it? Sigh.. I don’t really care right now. I had 3 conference calls and some important projects to finish.

Then, Brody started to feel better at around 1:00 or so. Between the tylenol and the burrito – he had mucho energy. Picture it, I’m on a conference call with 5 other people and my 5.5 year old is running up and down the hallway (while practicing his whistle) like a maniac! Not only is he running, but he’s jumping (and whistling) and making a galloping sound. All the while, I’m on a call. For work.

Not even threats could make him stop. And I tried…

Then he talked me into letting him play the Wii.  What a mistake that was. I thought it would keep him quiet. He continued to interrupt me every 2.4 seconds because he couldn’t get his character on Kungfu Panda (the panda) to jump right, or hit right, or walk right, or open the door, or shoot the arrow right. OY.

I managed to put in a full day’s work (without killing anyone). I made them dinner, their dad came home, dropped off Buggy and ran off to a meeting. I made them special ice cream….. mixed with oreo cookies. I almost licked my fingers.. but damn YOU sugar – you make me KRAZEEEEE so I did NOT lick my fingers. And let me tell you, THAT was huge for me today.


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