Our Weekend

October 12, 2008 at 9:09 pm (Family, Weekend)

Well, that really flew by didn’t it? It seems that it was only yesterday that I was leaving work on Friday afternoon. We really did have a great weekend. The weather was perfect-o and our activities were just the right amount. I don’t like to do a lot of socializing over the weekend, I’m a bit of an introvert and prefer to have my head in either a book or a case of beer. I’m not picky…

We went into SF to see the Blue Angels AND the Canadian Snowbirds fly. I put on extra necklaces to show my love for my country. I wore a maple leaf, a heart and a bead (which doesn’t really fit with the theme – but it looks cute). From our vantage point (which wasn’t really an ADvantage) I could barely see the snowbirds fly. I tried to take photos, but my “big” lens is only good for about 400 feet. The next time I go to fleet week, I want to have the lens that has it’s OWN tripod.

The children were… shall we say … less than excited to look at airplanes all day. You’d think they would be super excited to see them doing tricks. Not so much. But they did manage to completely ignore our requests to “be quiet already and watch the planes.” We only asked about 200 times during the afternoon. We bought a wagon (thankfully) because I was certain the boys would want us to carry them. They are now bigga boys who weigh about 45 lbs each… it’s like carrying two big bags of potatoes. Except stinkier. And whinier (if that’s possible… i know potatoes are pretty whiney.. but the boys would give them a run for their money!).

It was about 80 degrees out with a nice wind, so Michael decided to buy the boys some ice cream. Why you ask??  Well, because he’s just as maniacal as they are! You can imagine how KRAZEE they were with a little sugar in them. it was stupid!

We stopped at the ferry building after the show because we love to hear our children whine. Actually, they have an amazing cheese shop (or is it shoppe?) and it’s the only place to go if you are looking to spend $16.00 for a half pound of Irish cheese. And they make you take a number to spend this kind of money. According to my husband, it’s quality NOT quantity. Needless to say, we’ll be feeding the boys the Tillamook that we get in large QUANTITIES rather than the fine, exquisite Irish cheese that melts in your mouth. Michael and I were pooped and had wine for dinner (and beer for dessert).

My legs and shins are kiiling me today! We probably walked about 30 miles yesterday. After all the walking and the train ride, the boys (my youngin’s) were on their own for dinner. What? They are old enough to get their own dinner. Brody had chips and salsa AND chips and dip. Evan had cereal. I feel “mother of the year” coming on…


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