October 16, 2008 at 9:21 am (Train)

Since stopping sugar (and caffeine) I’ve had very little rage. I think, in order to have perfect peace and harmony in my life, I need to stop the train too.

The train is supposed to be convenient. Better for the environment, cheaper… blah blah blah. It’s all bullshit! Well, maybe it is all of these things but today… today it was a pain in my ass. My usual morning ritual was changed because I have a hair appointment. This means instead of the boys driving me and dropping me at the station, i needed to drive my own self. No big deal. I left 10 minutes earlier than I usually do, got to the station on time… only to find that the 723 train was running 5 minutes behind. It actually showed up at 730. Then the driver (for some unknown reason) proceeded to drive like a 95 year old man wearing a hat. You know those drivers.

I’m all for safety! I choose life! But stopping in between stops, lurching lurching at around 2 mph was beyond ridiculous. A train ride that is supposed to take 33 minutes took 45 minutes (running 7 minutes late). I’m no math wizard, but that made me 15 minutes late for work. Don’t ask me how I got that number (I just said I wasn’t a math wizard).

Now, this next part isn’t the train systems fault…  but the guy sitting next to me smelled nasty. He had that “musty-haven’t had a shower in 2 weeks-coffee breath” kind of smell to him. Hey… I’ve been there! I’m sure I’ve had some smelly days… but on those days I don’t usually leave the house! But come on PEOPLE! You are in public! On public transportation! Give a girl a break for goodness sakes! At least brush your teeth!

I think I might be a little snarly after that train ride…  hmm


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