Brody’s brain is teaching him to be a master lego builder

October 19, 2008 at 6:55 pm (Brody, Evan)

Michael took the boys to the mall today for the opening of a Lego store. As a grand opening activity, there was a master lego builder who was building a life size (or larger than life) R2-D2.

When you walked into the store, there were tables where you could sit and help the master builder make a portion of R2D2. I guess the boys made some white blocks (boooring). However, Brody now has a life goal of becoming a master lego builder. I don’t think we can afford this profession for our son. Have you seen the price of the lego sets? He’ll need a job just to get this job! I guess a Lego store is totally cool.. I wouldn’t know….  now lipgloss… that’s totally cool!


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