October 21, 2008 at 2:28 pm (Bored)

The mold guys (now that’s a job title!) have started work on our kitchen. They are getting rid of the mold today, or I guess doing as much as they can. In order to safely remove the mold, they have to enclose the affected area in specialized plastic with specialized tape. I’m pretty sure these guys think this will be a very easy job. However, they have not met… the monsters! The evil (almost) 5 and (almost) 6 year old boys who insist upon being a part of absolutely everything. My mom thought it would be fair of us to warn these men that they might have to “rebuild” this little mold chamber each and every day. I say “let em find out for themselves.”

The boys are very inquisitive. They MUST know everything, they MUST be a part of everything. God forbid you are having a bad day and only want to be left alone on top of a mound of Ghiradelli chocolate – these boys will sense that weakness and make your entire day a living hell. In order to get any peace out of a “stay at home” day, we must have at least 1 million activities lined up in order to keep them occupied. This mold room? That’s one.

Michael is working tonight and again on the weekend. In the meantime, he (and I think the boys) might be expecting me to keep the boys occupied or something. Of course, it’s the week before halloween and neither of them have a costume (when are they old enough to make it themselves?) and we don’t have pumpkins or anything. I mean, GAWD, our kitchen has MOLD! I can’t be expected to do all this with MOLD in the kitchen. At first, Brody wanted to be a ghost and Evan wanted to be a witch (the boy version) but now Brody has seen one of his friend’s costume and wants to be identical to him. Honestly, I barely had enough time to do “ghost” how am I going to get a … I don’t even know what it’s called. He’s wearing a “leather” jacket with spikes on the shoulder, has his face painted, and is wearing a “skull” t-shirt. What’s that called? oy.

AND… one of our cats is having major behavioral issues. In fact, the words “prozac” and “pet behavioralist” came into a comversation!!! WHAT!!  AS IF! First of all, if anyone is getting a “behavioralist” it’s going to be Michael. Second, if anyone is getting Prozac, it’s ME! A suggestion was made that maybe she’s an outdoor cat and we should explore that option. I’m going to do the free option first. If that doesn’t make her happy… we’ll go from there. Personally, i want her to stop peeing on the beds (that’s plural) and beating the CRAP out of the other cats… but that’s just me. I’m not hard to please.

In order to do any work on halloween costumes this weekend, I am going to need to have the boys completely occupied for the entire time. Luckily, Brody is on a lego spurt right now… but Evan. The boy with a 2 minute concentration level. I might just go buy the darn costumes… (i shudder). I think I may have to get more involved with their school activities – who knew mommy guilt could extend so far! I feel like I am neglecting them because I’ve not made pumpkin shaped cookies for their classmates.

Oh and I’m completely bored at work. can you tell?


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  1. Bev said,,21861,1841004-1832210,00.html

    Hmmm…now that I’m a lawyer, do you want me to draft up some warnings that you can have printed on t-shirts for the boys to wear? Ex:

    “WARNING: The small child enclosed in this t-shirt is capable of random acts of destruction and whining, despite any and all indications of cuteness. The life-giver of the child disclaims all liability. And really needs a vacation.”

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