Reminds me of Bob

November 6, 2008 at 9:07 pm (Bob)

So my brother is a great guy. He loves to buy drinks and schmooze. The boys and I love to listen to country music (something my brother abhors) and there is this one song that reminds me of my brother. đŸ™‚ It’s “who’s gonna take me home” by Chris Young. Anyone who knows my brother and knows this song will see the “resemblance.” Basically, it’s a song about a guy who is at a bar and has had too much to drink. His friend left him on his own and he’s looking for a ride. Classic.

The last few lines are:

Twelve little hotties crammed in a back booth
With a bachelorette all drinkin’ Vermouth
Lucky for there’s just enough room

Well hello girls, next round’s on me
Toast a few drinks to the bride to be
Close the town down and then we’ll see
Who’s gonna take me home?

Let’s just say that my brother is not shy. He can work an entire crowd and make everyone happy. He gets this from my dad. SOOOO unlike me. I like a good party, but I like to be left alone to come out of my box on my own. Bob can be in a good mood instantly. I envy that about him. A social butterfly with excellent people skills.

Now, if I could just learn a few of those skills.


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