Raised by wolves

January 11, 2009 at 7:18 pm (Brody, Evan, Melodie, Weekend)

I swear my kids have not been raised by wolves. I just wonder when boys actually begin listening. Does anyone know? Considering their genetics, I’m going to say never – but a mom can dream. Seriously, I’m going back to leashes because these boys acted a fool all weekend!

The boys and I had a packed weekend. Evan was invited to his very first birthday party. In the past, it’s always been Evan and Brody being invited – this time, it was just Evan. The party was at a bowling alley and I wasn’t sure how Evan would act. He doesn’t like lots of noise so I was concerned. When we first got there, I asked the birthday girl’s mom if this was the type of party where you drop the kid off – or one where parents were allowed to stay? I had Brody with me and wasn’t sure what the plan was. She was fine with both of us staying with Evan – so we did.

The first task was to get bowling shoes for the boys. The second task was watching them slide all over the bowling alley like a bunch of maniacs because the bottoms are so slippery. They only bowled about 6 frames before they were tired of bowling. Throughout the entire afternoon, I must have told them both about a thousand times to sit down if it wasn’t their turn. Picture 15 kids – all aged between 4 – 7, throwing plastic bowling balls as hard as they could — all at the same time. When they weren’t bothering the actual bowler, they had their heads stuck in the ball return! It was chaos.

It only took about half an hour (if that) for Evan to throw 3 fits. He’s really not that good in large crowds. The bowling alley is really really loud – a lot to take for a boy who doesn’t like to flush the toilet because it’s too loud. I’ll tell ya, there is NOTHING like dragging your almost 5 year told to the bathroom by his arm as his flails himself to the ground protesting that he’s really allowed to use the handicapped bathroom. Or having him backtalk you as you threaten to fill his mouth with handsoap…  these are the times that I am sure I will be savoring as he fights with his children over the handicapped bathroom. I had hoped Evan would actually say something to the birthday girl – but I went away disappointed. He spent most of his time in the party room playing by himself. Meanwhile, Brody spent the afternoon entertaining the entire birthday party with his antics. Try that sometime… an overactive 6 year old who considers himself the life of the party and a shy 5 year old – all at the same party, but in two different rooms. One room had very dangerous bowling balls (ranging in all sizes and weights) and one room had a very pretty, very perfect birthday cake. Which room would you choose?

I chose the cake room, of course.   Evan’s fingers are like nails to a magnet around a cake. I figured any damage Brody could do would not be worse than Evan ruining a birthday cake. Priorities.  It only took Evan 2 hours to warm up to the bowling alley. By then it was time to go. I think he had fun – Brody had a LOT of fun.  What was really funny was watching the Sprite and birthday cake high set in – Brody must have done 42 laps around that bowling alley. Now the boys are all about bowling – Evan’s birthday is coming up and he wants to celebrate at the bowling alley!

I took them to the SF zoo today. It was “family appreciation day” in the city – most events were free…….. if you were a resident of SF. A little fact the radio people neglected to mention. It cost me $41 to get in the door; we spent the majority of our time in the bathroom (Evan pees like a male dog… squirt here – squirt there); I spent $21 on 2 hotdogs and a cheeseburger and Brody tried to make me walk around the park to find the popcorn vendor (because he was determined to have the popcorn with honey on it, which is kettle corn to normal folks). We did manage to see a few animals in between… some monkeys, a rhino, a lion and lioness, lemurs, giraffes, etc. Not sure I will go back to the zoo…. it seemed a little over rated?  Maybe I was still reeling from the birthday party the day before? Hard to say.

Needless to say, I’m exhausted and looking forward to going nite nite. I dropped one of my classes today; two classes +  divorce = bad. I might treat myself to 2 glasses of wine and a bath!


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