Tortilla Chips

April 23, 2009 at 11:18 am (Brody, Melodie)

Setting the stage:

Momma asks “who wants chips and salsa?” Brody says “Me!” 

So I pour the salsa in a bowl, put some chips in another bowl… and this is how the conversation progressed.

Brody (after realizing there are triangle chips NOT round chips in the bowl): Momma! I want round chips! Where are the round chips?
Momma: Brody, all tortilla chips taste the same no matter what their shape is. Unless the chips are a different color – then they have a different taste.
Brody: I want round chips (now heightening his voice to a whine) I only like round chips. Round chips taste the best!!!  (much whining ensues)
Momma: Brody, trust me – all tortilla chips taste the same! Just try one, I guarantee you’ll like it. Have I ever steered you wrong?
Brody: No! I like round chips only!
Momma: I’ve already told you – we don’t have round chips. I do have blue chips – do you want to try them?
Brody: No! No no no round chips! I want round chips!

Sidenote: I had this same issue with a recipe we got from the hippies for a lemon pound cake. The recipe was like 100 years old, had all of 6 ingredients and is the BEST cake ever. Brody watched us all eat it, me, his dad, Evan… we all had a piece. I brought a bite over to Brody who refused to even put his tongue on the cake. It was so ridiculous his dad had to hold him down while I shoved the cake in his mouth. I did this because I knew he’d like the cake – he is so unwilling to try new food (only for me though, his grandma in Canada doesn’t have this issue AT ALL). When I was a kid, cake was special – it signified a special occasion. To a kid… cake is the ultimate treat!

Here’s where we wrestle. I have a tortilla chip with salsa in my hand and I encourage him to just try 1 bite! Just one bite! I bring the garbage closer to him and ensure him he can spit it right out if it doesn’t taste the same. It goes on like this for 10 minutes. I have come to realize that Brody would not try anything new (food wise) unless I force him to try it.  Here’s where it gets really good…

Brody: Can I have a pop?
Momma: Yep, but you have to try the triangle chips first.
Brody: Momma! That’s not fair!
Momma: Yes it’s fair, try a chip.

Picture my sweet little boy making gagging noises and the most horrible faces that would scare the biggest monsters — all while he whines about how unfair it is! How he wants a pop! How he doesn’t like triangle chips! How he only likes round chips! Why didn’t I buy round chips! Go to the store!

Brody: Ok, I’ll try one chip.

Momma holds the chip for him to bite… he takes a bite and a huge smile shows up on his face! We start to giggle as Brody realizes his momma was right, triangle chips taste the same as round chips. Mommy wins another round!



  1. yesh39 said,

    Brody sounds very determined to have his own way. Momma, you show an incredible capacity for patience in dealing with your child. In reading your post, I was wondering why Grandma doesn’t have trouble with Brody. I’m thinking it might be helpful to study that relationship, for any wisdom it could hold for dealing with Brody. Anyway, I admire your patience, and your determination to get your child to try new things.

  2. Grandma said,

    When Brody is in Canada, he gets all the same food as his brother and his 2 cousins. His 2 cousins will eat all their food & whatever they like on your plate, if you say you don’t like/want it. Well of course, now he likes/wants it, they can’t have it.

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