A few new things at the house

March 19, 2010 at 11:53 am (Finches!)

We’ve had quite a few events happening at the ol’ homestead. First, I got a new car.

It's a sweet ride!

The BMW was breaking down on a regular basis and it gets to a point when you’ve gotta say “enough is enough!” Last week, I added oil; on Monday I got a warning “check engine oil.” Same thing that happened four weeks ago. Just spent $650 on a new water pump… what a waste of money.  So, the pacific is a welcomed change in our household. I completely blew the boys’ minds yesterday. I went to pick them up from baseball practice and told them they were riding with me. That was met with a ton of whining and complaining… until I open the door to the Pacific! Brody said “is this for real? or is this a rental?” I said it was for real, then showed them all the cool things the seats do…. like flipping over to let in 3rd row passengers. The leg room! The head room! The drink holders (there are 6, thank you very much). I would have loved a sun roof…

I can seat 6 in this bad boy!!  6!!!

And, the baby bird who was disgusting and gross when he first hatched has morphed into something beautiful! At least I think he’s a he and not a she. But whatever.

He/She doesn't have a name yet

He/She is a sweet little thing. I was slightly confused and thought he/she was at the “get me out of this nest” stage; if that were the case, I needed to move him/her to a new cage so he/she didn’t get killed by his/her parents or the crabby neighbors. After checking the ever wise internet, I determined this little one needed to stay with his/her momma for a few more weeks.

The spot pattern on the tail is definitely the same as his/her dad (thank goodness there won’t be a paternity suit). I wasn’t really sure how birds mated – you can find that explanation here (caution: it’s not very romantic).  Apparently, these feathers will fall off (called molting) and the adult feathers will come in. Which is when I’ll be revealing the sex of the new addition. Fortunately, this story of life is NOTHING like when the kittens were born. I am happy to say I will be keeping this new little bird and… the other one that hatched yesterday…

What is it with me and animals having babies at my house?

Mom called me the local ornithologist and the nutritionist at the Petco thinks I’m a goddess. Apparently, Finches don’t have babies right away and when they lay eggs, it takes a couple of tries for things to turn out correctly.  Whatever, I guess I have a way with animals and their mating habits. And succulents.  And lemon trees.

So, back to the nestling… I went to take both nests out of the cage. As much as I love the baby birds, I just cannot handle the aggression the adults show towards each other during this period. Now, along with beating the crap out of each other, they have started ripping the others’ nests apart. It’s like a freaking soap opera. When I took the other nest down (the one that this bird did NOT come from) I found a newly hatched bird inside. Along with two other eggs (I was so tempted to take them out of the nest, but I don’t need the bad karma). I can’t tell if the other eggs are going to hatch or not. Since eggs are laid at the rate of 1 per day, I’m giving these other eggs a few more days. I am surprised (completely) any egg hatched at all. The pair of finches responsible for said egg have been the worst and most neglectful parents EVER.  Miracle of all miracles has occurred. We’ll see if the bird survives.


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