An update on the Finches!

March 31, 2010 at 1:40 pm (Finches!)

The female finch that was born last month is doing really great! She’s thriving in her new home, although I feel the “pet shop birds” are teaching her bad habits. She’s fluffy and cute and is getting along well. Both of her parents feed her still – which is interesting to see. They are also teaching her how to feed herself.

The dipshit finches in the other nest have not made out so well.  All along, I’ve known they weren’t the smartest birds. Or the most caring. A lot of the fighting between the males is caused by this male and the female is just as argumentative. She laid three eggs a few weeks ago, all three hatched. One of the babies didn’t make it, so she threw it out of the nest (mother nature is so cruel!). Two of the babies appeared to do quite well. I was amazed she’d actually accomplished sitting on the eggs long enough so they could hatch. I noticed a horrible smell coming from the cage the other day so I took the flashlight to see if the babies were still in there. Finches have been known to eat their babies (WTF!) so I was concerned this might have happened. Except, it was much worse than I could have dreamed. Both babies were dead – I’m pretty sure they starved to death. Their bodies were starting to break down in the nest and I needed to get them OUT as soon as possible.

Getting rid of dead animals in our house has become… interesting. The fishes were flushed, no one had a problem with that. When the kitten died (during birth), we buried it in the back yard. The baby finch died and the boys (along with their cousins) found a spot in the backyard and buried it as well. I was certain the boys would want the same for the two baby finches. I have not told them the babies died, nor did I tell them I dumped their tiny little bodies in the garbage. I would have, but the bodies were decomposing and stinky and it was raining and cold last night. The last thing I wanted to do was have a burial in the backyard for the babies.

You have to be sneaky as a parent, sometimes. While they were watching Planet 51 (thanks Grandma!) I took the nest out of the cage and dumped their little bodies in the garbage. I was contemplating the compost, but felt that wasn’t a good idea. I needed to get rid of the smell and since Michael wouldn’t do it, I had no choice.

So as it stands right now, I have 4 adults and a fledgling. I’m waiting for the parents to start pecking at the fledgling, when that happens – I need to move her to a different cage. Maybe they’ll have more babies, maybe they won’t. Everyone seems to be happy, including the murderous pair of imbeciles – so I guess I’ll just wait to see what happens. In the meantime, I’m going to try and go to a bird show. I think it’s time to expand my finch birds!


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