New dishes

April 15, 2009 at 9:27 pm (Bored, House)

Hi, um yeah, so I got new dishes. It took me 5 months to find dishes. I sort of didn’t want to go with plain white – although every fiber of my being told me to choose something plain and white. I had a few criteria… well, one really… and it came from my mom. The plates couldn’t weigh 800 thousand million pounds. I thought I found a set a few months ago and ended up having to call my mom to say “can I really eat off of square plates?” The answer was no… I’m a traditionalist, a purist if you will, about my dishes.

My camera had no battery power!

My camera had no battery power!

That up there is the salad plate. The dinner plates look similar except there is less white pattern. The picture is dark because my camera had no extra battery power for the flash (really, who needs a flash anyway?). The best part, other than they are pretty and are NOT plain and white, is they fit in my cupboards. YAY.

And here are the bowls… they are sort of weird shaped but after 5 months of extensive looking, I finally had to say to myself “just go with it.” Because seriously… I needed dishes already!

They love each other! Look at them kiss! MWAH

They love each other! Look at them kiss! MWAH

I now have to scour the globe looking for 4 more salad plates and 4 more dinner plates, hopefully in the white pattern. I just want to give a shout out to the Ross store in (the town where I live), someone in the sticker control department thought it best to use brand new price tag stickers with super duper batman adhesive (how do you think he keeps the suit on?) to adhere the tags to the dishes. I would LOVE to meet the brainiac who suggested THAT at the meeting!  I suspect the residue (glue) will be completely off in about 1000 washings (give or take).

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I’ve waited so long!!

December 10, 2008 at 12:53 pm (House, Kitchen CRAP)

After what seems like forever, the “worker guys” (as Brody lovingly calls them) are finally putting the fridge BACK into the kitchen! This is a good day here at the house. The floor looks AMAZING, the walls look better than before, and there is actual baseboard at the bottom of the walls! Not pretend baseboard – REAL baseboard! YIPPEE 

Finally, a ray of sun.

UPDATE: The working guys moved the fridge back into the kitchen. I went to clean the dirt etc and found the fridge had leaked all over the hardwood floor causing the floor to MOLD and the floor boards to warp! GAH! I just spent 23 minutes on the phone with the claims department.

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Where was I?

September 26, 2007 at 9:47 am (House, Housekeeping, School)

These past few weeks have been very rough. I won’t get into it, but I’m glad the flood is over. It’s becoming more and more difficult to write this blog. I’m trying to keep up with school, work, and family, AND Michael made encouraged me to cancel our housecleaner. I’m trying not to slit my wrists over this, but man is my toilet yucky! With three boys using the toilet, our bathroom belongs in a Frat house.

I’ve written about our housecleaner before, about how much I loved those few precious minutes on Friday afternoon before the children arrived when the house was spotless. Sure, there were piles of magazines and papers – we didn’t hire her to pay the bills or sort through which one was due.  I loved her, I loved how she could clean my house and I loved how I felt like a good mom because my house was clean.

I won’t go on, because I might not be able to stop weeping.

School is going really well. I have a great GPA and I’m going a great job of keeping up with my homework. I have given up reading for pleasure – I just don’t have the time anymore. Someone mentioned knitting the other day and I laughed! Knitting! I wish I had the time.  I am in the middle of my second block of classes and should be finished my first year around June or so.

The boys and I have big plans for this weekend. I am taking Michael on a date on Friday night, I’m not telling where we are going – it’s a suprise! He’s been bugging me all week for the location, all I’ll say is they offer Mac n’ cheese. Fancy! I will say that they have a wine list.  OOOHHHH

I am forcing Michael to finish installing the windows (no excuses!) and I’m hoping to get started on finishing the kitchen this weekend.  We have to install new drywall over the existing ceiling and get it taped and prepped for painting. I want to start prepping the walls for paint as well. It’s a lofty goal, but if I can keep the TV off, we might have a shot!  We bought pendant lighting and I’m crossing my fingers for this chore as well! Wish me luck!

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What kind of title is this?

May 30, 2007 at 2:52 pm (House)

Sometimes, the hardest part about blogging is the title of the entry for that day.  I could put “entry for May 30, 2007” but how much fun is that?  It’s not.

We had a visit from a potential Realtor today.  We were hoping to list our house and sell it – but it doesn’t look like that will be in the plans for us any time soon.  The market is a buyers market and the days of selling your cardboard box for half a million dollars are gone!  She came up with a number and let’s just say that it was about 80,000 dollars lower than what we had hoped for.  If we sold, we wouldn’t walk away with very much at all.  It appears that we are stuck.

In the span of an hour, our house bubble had burst and we were deflated.  I feel for Michael, he really had high hopes (as did I – I guess).  So, we will see what her market analysis brings back and what she thinks we can get for the house and go from there.  I am not willing to walk away for such little money and neither is Michael.  We will continue to clean out the crap we’ve never used, get rid of the clutter, fix up the house the way we want it, look for better storage options and move along. 

If we don’t sell it, at least we’ll have it the way we want it.  I’m so tired of living in a house that doesn’t really function well.  We finally have the backyard cleaned up, we are still working on the kitchen.  Maybe we’ll do something in the garage for better storage options.  I would love to have the garage cleaned and drywalled.  Those are things we can do to make our time in that house more manageable. 

Right now, we are keeping our fingers crossed that we can get list the house for what we think it should sell for. 

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