KRAZEE kittens

July 24, 2009 at 3:33 pm (Kittens, Ranting, Shit, Stress)

Two of the four kittens are still at my house. They are patiently waiting for their new owners to come and get them. In the meantime, they are driving me KRAZEE! They are babies, I get that… but for the love of god can they stay off my curtains/ottoman/couch/dining room table/countertops/computer keyboard/dryer/tv/wii fit board/dvd player? GAWD.

And as cute as they are, hanging out by my bedroom door, sticking their little paws underneath while meowing is getting a little old. Especially at 2:30 am.  But it’s way better than the “let’s fight in a paperbag all night” events. Which is really really great (by the way).


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Where was I?

August 28, 2007 at 2:39 pm (School, Stress)

It’s been so long, I almost forgot the login infomation to this blog!  I’ve been having quite the past month or so and things may have just got more difficult.  I started my next block of classes at school and I think I’m in for a bit of a rough time.   The classes are critical thinking and effective essay writing.  sigh…

Let’s just say that I’m in for a ton of homework.  There go my weekends.

I don’t know about the marks of my first block of classes.  I was doing really well until an assignment came back with the remarks “This assignment is not completed.”  It was the same assignment that I spent the whole weekend trying to figure out because the instructions weren’t clear.  I’m sure the whole class had issues.  Let’s hope my second block of classes go well.  Speaking of which, I have homework to do.

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Garth Vader

June 19, 2007 at 11:51 am (Brody, Stress, Uncategorized)

Brody has taken an immediate liking to Star Wars.  I can totally see why, it’s action packed, there are no curse words, and there is Garth Vader.  For some reason, he thinks that’s his name and I don’t have the heart to tell him it’s Darth.  He also calls Yoda – Yoga and is on a first name basis with Luke Skywalker – affectionately calling him Luke.

Brody doesn’t know the numbers of the movies, he doesn’t need to.  He simply tells his daddy which movie he wants.  For example: “I want the movie where Luke is in Yoga’s hut by the water” and Michael knows exactly which movie that is.  Which is awesome, because I’d have no clue which movie that was and he’d be stuck watching #1.  I never really learned the names of Star Wars movies.  They are simply – # 1 through #6.  Even then, I have no clue of the plot.  In fact, when I watch the movies, it’s like I’m seeing it for the first time!  I like the movies but I simply do not have enough room in my brain or desire to remember the names.  As far as I’m concerned, they are all Star Wars. 

What I really love, though, is his passion for these movies that are 30 years old.  He would rather watch Star Wars than Power Rangers – which puts me in an awesome position.  I can now use the Star Wars movies as rewards or take them away as punishment. 

As predicted, I am now back in the power seat.  YA HOOOOOOO!!

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